Regional Night is back!

Saturday evening saw a return of Thunderbird’s favorite event – Regional Night!

After a long debate about how funds should be allocated to the regional nights, the student body finally decided to have 3 separate regional nights. And if anyone was worried about how things would turn out, Americas’ Regional Night allayed that fear straight away.

IMG_3746The omnipresent Connor Clark hosted the night, keeping the crowd entertained with his witty commentary. The show started with Yemile Ojeda leading a group of first-trimester students in a display of elegant Merenge dancing. They then proceeded to involve the watching crowd in impromptu salsa lessons which even saw some faculty and staff members join in!

Connor and Giang Pham then produced a great bachata performance, before handing the stage over to more than 20 enthusiastic members of the audience who participated in Reggeatton dance-off! Judges Patrick Still, Gloria Cedeno and Luis Rivera voted Benjamin Axt the eventual winner, although the contest produced some spectacular moves from the others, most notably Trevor Baim, Yemile and Connor.

Connor then performed some rap, called ‘Feather Feet’ that he had composed previously with a friend.  Santiago Peralta and Nicole Mueller surprised everyone with an excellent yet sensual tango performance. Before the audience could catch their breath, Patrick and Luis Vidal showed up on stage dressed as the man himself – Elvis Presley! Accompanied by Gloria, Leanne Olsgaard and Amy Scuderi, the two Elvis impersonators danced to a series of the legend’s famous hits.

As one crowd favorite (Elvis) exited the stage, another was introduced – Macarena! The audience got thoroughly involved, doing the ever-popular dance of the famous song. 7 of the students were on stage competing for special gifts which turned out to be Dora the Explorer Snacks and Latin Snacks. Robert Girvin, took this title  home.  The night was rounded off by the Ritmo Latino band, who played some fantastic Latin music. Accompanying this great night was a sumptuous menu that included pupusas, empanadas, and chicken and pork dishes.

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