Ethics Corner

Thunderbird-Oath-of-Honor-680x1024Dear T-birds,

Welcome to the Ethics Corner sponsored by the Thunderbird Honor Council. In an effort to better educate our student body on ethical business practices, we will present to you an article, news link, or story from our own students that helps to showcase what is going on in the business world with ethical business behavior. We hope to create a dialogue between students to better prepare themselves for what might lie ahead in their careers. Moreover, we hope to provide information to better prepare you for your life ahead.

This weeks article covers what the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act does to deal with bribery in the corporate world. It takes a look at the other side of what companies have to do to defend themselves and what the costs do to keep the litigators
raking in the money.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me or contact the Honor Council via our web page on MTB.


Phillip Dudley
Honor Council Chairman

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