Thunderbird at “A Tale of Two Cities”

By Soumya Sivadas, TSG Community Outreach Chair


On Saturday, Feb 16 2013, the cities of Goodyear and Avondale hosted an International cultural parade and festival. The theme of “An international celebration” added international flavor to the event. The festival saw participation from different community groups offering a diverse assortment of music, performances and even sale of products including arts, food and crafts. The festival arena had multiple stages and numerous vendor booths with cultural-related displays. The performances ranged from traditional dances, African drums to the exciting fire dances. Our very own Thunderdance team performed a variety of dances including Alingo, Salsa, Egyptian stick dance and Kokoma much to the delight of the audience. On the whole it was a perfect setting for Thunderbird to showcase its global brand and we truly enjoyed the experience of being in an international setting!

For more pictures, click here!

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