Ethics Corner

By Rahul Garag

UntitledDear T-birds,

Welcome to the Ethics Corner sponsored by the Thunderbird Honor Council. In an effort to better educate our student body on ethical business practices, we will present to you an article, news link, or story from our own students that helps to showcase what is going on in the business world with ethical business behavior. We hope to create a dialogue between students to better prepare themselves for what might lie ahead in their careers. Moreover, we hope to provide information to better prepare you for your life ahead.

With March Madness officially underway in addition to Volleyball Tournament over the weekend sponsered by the Net Impact club, we figured that this would be the perfect time to address ethics in sports.

A recent series of articles in the New York Daily News address has brought to light, a series of acts of corruption of epidemic proportions in the sport of soccer.

“Known as ‘the beautiful game’ for its grace, athleticism and traditions of fair play, soccer is under threat of becoming a dirty game.” – Chris Eaton, director of sports integrity at the International Centre for Sport Security.

“At least 50 nations in 2012 had match-fixing investigations – almost a quarter of the 209 members of FIFA, soccer’s governing body – involving hundreds of people.”

Though the world of sports has become a “business” for many, I am glad to report that over this past Saturday, T-birds played for the “love of the game” and displayed great sportsmanship.

The article, “Soccer at a crossroads as sport faces epic fight against match-fixing from a foe that is too big for FIFA to take on alone” by the Associated Press found online at the following link:

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