Eggs, Pastels, and Bunnies… Oh My!

By Nicole Johnson What is this intoxicating holiday of pastels, deviled eggs and chocolate bunnies that we Americans call “Easter”? Easter is more than just an excuse to eat ham and go on an Easter egg hunt; in fact, Easter marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary […]

Ethics Corner

By Rahul Garag Dear T-birds, Welcome to the Ethics Corner sponsored by the Thunderbird Honor Council. In an effort to better educate our student body on ethical business practices, we will present to you an article, news link, or story from our own students that helps to showcase what is going on in the business […]

The Weekly Substandard, CCC-pocalypse

As the middle of second module approaches quickly, chaos is on the midst of its heels. CCC classes under the guidance of Professor Karen Walch were exposed to a bit of the real world this week when they were told that they would now be voting whether to cooperate or compete against one another, all […]

Wrap it Up… or Package It!

By Lisa Umar “Packaging is advertising, often, the only advertising”, says Joe Dollens, founder of Global Intelligence Organization, a consumer packaging intelligence company. On Friday, March 22nd, students in Professor Ettenson’s Brand Management class and other interested T-birds had the opportunity to attend a workshop on consumer packaging. Led by Joe Dollens, President of GIO, […]

To schedule or not to schedule… that is the question.

By Kelly Swanson On-Demand studies are very demanding. That means you’re either going to struggle or rise to the occasion of high demand learning and punch the accelerator! I have had a pretty challenging time (still) with some of my courses because I am learning. Unlike English, Psychology, and Sociology, I struggle with Math, Accounting, […]

Magna Powertrain Case Competition

By Monica Voge On Friday, March 22nd, 2013, the Global Supply Chain Club (GSCC) and Project Management Club (PMC) partnered with Magna Powertrain to bring an exciting case competition to campus. Two faculty members and eight supply chain and project management professionals judged the competition. To top it off, $1200 in prize money was up […]

Week 9 – TSG Bulletin

Hello fellow T-birds, We hope your week is going well. We have a lot of great events lined up for the next couple of weeks! Please scroll down and mark your with the following: Asia Regional Night Saturday, April 6th, 6:30 – 10:30 pm, TAC (Thunderbird Activity Center) It’s that time, the final Regional Night […]

It’s Not Just Business. It’s Family Business!

By Shigehiro Suzuki A wonderful event is going to take place this summer, and it is a story that is truly Thunderbird in spirit! In June this year, two of our alumni – one from Thailand and the other from Taiwan – are going to enter into a collaborative partnership to seek out new opportunities […]

Working Towards a Better Future

By Martin Terrazas Between April 7-14, 2013, Americans officially remember what is accepted as the Holocaust. This year’s theme, Never Again: Heed the Warning Signs, will be discussed in community centers, corporations, military bases, religious institutions, schools, and small businesses nationwide. Two famous business cases written about leadership during World War II are IBM and Germany 1922-1941 and Degussa […]