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TEDxYouth @ Thunderbird

5374778192_ae962ef0a7TED Conferences are reflective of the place they originated in Silicon Valley, California.  In tune with innovation, committed to unorthodoxy and brimming with creativity, it is hard not to admire the mission TED has pursued.  Mohammed “AZ” Abu Zeinab, Thunderbird MBA candidate, is attempting to bring this passion to campus in the form of TEDxYouth.  The aim is to uplift local youth through a series of workshops and a one-day event with inspirational stories and success narratives to reveal new opportunities.

The goal of this conference is very much aligned with Thunderbird’s mission for global prosperity.  Inspiring today’s youth is the key ingredient in creating a better tomorrow. Das Tor looks forward to following the event as it develops and keeping the student community in touch.  If you would like to contribute in some way to TEDxYouth (content creation, marketing, community outreach..etc), please reach out to AZ at mabuzeinab@gmail.com.

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