Here Comes The Crazy Summer!

By Kelly Swanson

summer is hereFor the On-Demand classes that means summer vacation for kids and families, and it’s nice outside for everyone else while you’re inside. How do you juggle that demand at home and while your in college? It’s really hard, but not impossible.  Make sure you’re prepared for everything, and don’t settle for less than stellar results. If you aim high enough you can afford to land a little lower sometimes. Remember, this is a learning experience and for some individuals it’s all about the grades. That’s all well and good, but some students struggle to balance life and grades, so they spend time catching up, and putting out fires rather than learning the experience.

I say, “learning the experience” because that is what needs to be done. When you experience you learn more. If you’re trying to beat the clock each week, you’re just getting by, and that’s not learning. You’re going to forget most things, once you’ve moved on to the next subject if you continue at a frenetic pace. This can cause bad test taking that results in a bad attitude towards your goals. The changing of seasons and good weather can sometimes be disruptive, due to the increase in daytime activity, and even the change in daylight savings time. Learning is no different. So much goes on during the summertime that you can lose track of time, forget your schedule, and generally “slouch off.” Now is the time to strike! Create a schedule and stick to it. You may even have to modify your schedule and sit down with your family, so they understand that this next year or two are going to be rough.

Having your family support your education is the key to maintaining that drive and concentration that you will need to finish. Educate your family and friends so they understand the importance of getting your degree, and explain to them why they can’t go out to dinner, or you can’t come over for the big game, and see you. It’s hard. I know. I have experienced this as well, but the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter with every day, every forum posting, and every exam. Oh, and lets not forget the RBE’s. Does that cause a disruption in your mojo or what?

The RBE is one great experience, but it can be overwhelming to come back from all that rich, cultural, education goodness. It’s like a 9-year-old being drug out of the candy store with ten dollars still in their hand! Turn that joy off once you get back home and focus. Remember this is a career change or life change depending on the reason you’re at Thunderbird. Don’t focus on the travel aspect, and then suddenly forget to do your RBE final. Get back in the routine, and check that box off that your RBE is finished and for those lucky enough, it’s for good if it’s the second RBE.

On-Demand education is great! It’s flexible, and allows you to learn anywhere you want. I have said it many times, you’re classes are demanding and that’s for good reason. You chose this because you wanted something different then the rest. We are the On-Demand class, and we are a powerful force. We like our life as exciting as we like our deadlines. Now get out there and have fun, but don’t forget to be back in time to finish that posting, and to submit your paper! Stay cool this summer and remember… the suntan lotion of course!  You thought I was going to say… the bird is the word didn’t you?

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