Summer Tri Socializing

By Thaedra Brondum With the summer trimester started and a quarter of the way through, Thunderbird’s campus seems empty.  This summer there are only about 100 students on campus as most students have taken this time to participate in internships, travel, TEM Labs, or even the summer language intensive opportunities.  Still, the Spring 2014 intake, […]

Here Comes The Crazy Summer!

By Kelly Swanson For the On-Demand classes that means summer vacation for kids and families, and it’s nice outside for everyone else while you’re inside. How do you juggle that demand at home and while your in college? It’s really hard, but not impossible.  Make sure you’re prepared for everything, and don’t settle for less […]

Plan B

  So it’s that time of the year when friends and peers are accepting offers for summer and full-time positions. If you’re one of those people, heartiest congratulations! If you’re not, do not fret just yet. There is still hope and you could still land interviews and offers. This is true for both domestic and […]

Summer 2013 Registration is almost here!

By Registrar’s Office Monday, April 1, 2013 through Sunday, April 7, 2013 How do I register? Registration is managed by each student registering themselves on “Access Thunderbird,” which can be accessed on the left side of your MTB homepage or by clicking here.  Go to the Students Menu then click Register for Classes.  Be proactive and […]

A Day of Polo

By Tiffany Law During this summer I participated in the Thunderbird language program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our group had a chance to learn polo thanks to some detective work done by another student. A Day of Polo Today we went to a polo lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina! We met with our guide and […]

My Thunderbird Moment

My Thunderbird Moment I don’t remember the exact string of words in our first conversation. Maybe because it was effortless and happened over doughnuts: Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts in pretty pink and white boxes sitting on the pantry table. It was the third day of my summer internship and I was purposely lingering around the […]

Election time round the corner, TSG looks for the Summer President and VP

As module one comes to an end and we begin the last six weeks of our trimester, the time has now come to think about who will run our Summer TSG. It could be any T-bird who can be our next President and Vice President for the Summer. This time there is no specific eligibility criteria  to […]