The Prague Chronicles #1


Dobry Den. Greetings from the Czech Republic!

It’s been 3 weeks in Prague, and it has been one amazing experience.

Prof. Babarinde led the RBE Europe session, and during the course, we went on several company visits (TPCA, Aero Vodochody and Cisco). A T-bird alum, Ladislav Šimek is the President and Chairman of Aero Vodochody, an aerospace/aviation company. Mr. Simek was kind enough to share some of his time speaking with us about his experience at Thunderbird and about the company’s projects. We met another T-bird alum at Cisco as well, Alan Chelko, Business Development Manager at Cisco. Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile was a great visit, because we got to see almost the whole live process of manufacturing a car.

After the RBE Europe course, most of the students spent the first weekend moving from Celakovice (where the CMC business school is) into an apartment at Prague and at the team activity organized by the program’s director, Prof. Rankine. Prof. Rankine organized a fun scavenger hunt across Prague, from Charles Bridge to the replica of the Eiffel Tower and more. We found the wall created in memory of John Lennon after he was shot, and counted the number of steps up the Eiffel Tower replica, where we discovered the most breathtaking (literally, because we trudged up 299 steps of a spiral stairway!) view of Prague.

Some few interesting facts we’ve picked up: The Czechs are known to drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world. The Prague Castle, a popular tourist spot, has the largest castle area in the world, a whopping 18 acres in total, including courtyards and other buildings on its grounds.

Stay tuned for more on the Czech module! And coming soon, something from the China module!

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