The First Mr. Thunderbird

mr birdThunderbird was graced with its own alpha male as Philip Dudley took the “Mr. Thunderbird” honor this weekend. The event on Friday showcased the many talents of a variety of gentlemen that included singing, comedy, juggling and solo cups. After years of attempting to come up with a fundraiser that would ignite the campus into action, Reid Drossos and Jaime Kotin came to the idea of Mr. Thunderbird. The graduating class organized the event and raised over $1300 for their class gift.

The night began with an incredible mashup mix of dances from Milkshake the Backstreet Boys (and everything in between) choreographed by Yemile Ojeda and Ms. Kotin. The ten contestants were featured on the stage accompanied by their ridiculous biographies. Our MCs for the night were none other than Amy Scuderi and Kayoko Omori who looked more beautiful than ever.snuggie

The first, of what one hopes are many, Mr. Thunderbird events featured ten of the school’s finest presenting several acts showing off a wide set of impressive talents. Dudley performed a Garth Brooks impression that set the crowd on fire while shaking his “Ted Nugent” thing. His rendition of “Friends in Low Places” was strongly received and the audience is feverishly awaiting his album’s release. The crowd was also blessed with many other performances such as juggling by Clark Kent… cough… I mean Reid Drossos and a delightful (although touchy) rendition of Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” by none other than Das Tor’s very own Michael Reardon.

rapA big congratulations to everyone who competed. Another shout out goes to Mr. Thunderbird Philip Dudley and Mr. Fundraiser Karan Passey. The graduating class set an inspiring precedent for fundraising. One hopes that their class gift is equally as impressive.

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