Update 4-12-13

keckThunderbird Students:


Today’s update is dedicated to a note from the CMC’s Guy Groff about a recent Poets & Quants article.  This same message was included in the CMC’s weekly update, but we wanted repeat it here in case you had not read it.


Many of you have seen the recent Poets & Quants article regarding MBA placement rates. You may be concerned about the Thunderbird job placement numbers published in the article, and I understand those concerns. The economy has been challenging in recent years and, like many MBA programs, Thunderbird has faced serious challenges. Thunderbird graduates are also unique because many of you are seeking international careers, and those jobs take more time to secure. The challenge with ranking data is that it’s based on securing employment upon or shortly after graduation, and due to the unique nature of our student, it sometimes takes longer for our graduates to land in their ideal position.


Despite these circumstances, we are committed to dramatic improvement and, in fact, we are already seeing improved results. Here are a few highlights:


·          There has been a 35% improvement in employment stats for our December graduates over last year at the same time.

·          Aggressive and targeted outreach to global employers is underway, with enhanced professional development curriculum and increased career coaching.

·          The recently announced planned partnership will have direct and positive impact by providing the CMC with additional resources and access to a large number of international employers.

·          Intensive efforts are underway with all May and June graduates, with offers already made to 26% and 36% respectively, and with numerous interviews and negotiations currently in process.

·          More appointments are now available, including walk-in meetings with a Career Coach on Fridays from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. You can also set up appointments through Global Connect.


While we are here to help you, we also need your help. The above-mentioned article, which drew from our reporting data, highlights how critical it is for all of our students to report both internships and full-time employment. We need to know about all job offers, whether accepted or not. From a Thunderbird perspective it is clear that we need to continue to collect employment reports on every graduate, no matter how long it takes him or her to secure a job.


Student Offer and Acceptance Report (SOAR) is our new reporting vehicle. You can click on one of the links below to tell us about your job status:

MBA: https://mba-business-thunderbird.12twenty.com/     
MS/MA: https://masters-business-thunderbird.12twenty.com/


If you haven’t received an offer yet, please fill out the basics of this report and bookmark this link to come back to when you do receive and accept your offer. As an added incentive, all students who complete the report by midnight on Friday, April 12th will be entered into a drawing for four $50 gift certificates.


I look forward to seeing you in the CMC.



Global Sustainable Social Enterprise Initiative

Graduating Class Photo Shoot

Do you know how to use pivot tables?
Coaching Skills Workshop

Overseas Security Briefing

Need to extend your student medical insurance?

New FREE!  pool table for the Pub


Global Sustainable Social Enterprise Initiative

–  create environmental and economic self-sustaining social enterprises ventures

Speakers:  Mr. Jonathan HallPresident of Phoenix Ivy Council,  CFO of DreamBrands, Inc.Dr. Mike O’Neil, President of O’Neil Associates, Inc., Board member for the Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development

April 15th, 7:00 – 8:00 pm, LH 55

Sponsored by the China Entrepreneur Network (CEN), Co-Sponsored by  the Africa Business Club (ABC)

The Phoenix Ivy Council is a nonprofit organization comprised of 30 regional alumni clubs and over 16,000 alumni affiliated with high caliber academic research universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, MIT, etc.  The organization is helping coordinate the development of social enterprise models that will be nationally and globally scalable.  This disruptive innovation for social change approach creates environmental and economic self-sustaining social enterprises ventures.  See the attachment for the bio & photo of the speakers.


Graduating Class Photo Shoot

The graduating class photo will be taken on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 1:10 p.m. (as stated in the Graduation Booklet). The location will in front of the Thunderbird Tower.  The dress code is business casual (no jeans, shorts, flip flops, etc.).  If you have any questions, please contact Torrey Mann at torrey.mann@thunderbird.edu.


Do you know how to use pivot tables?
If not, the next TMAC Excel training session is for you!  We will be going over conditional formulas and Pivot Tables and showing how these can save you tons of time in your next job.
When: Every Tuesday
When: 5:00 pm
Who: EVERYONE!!!!!
Where: Yount DLC
Contact sanders.christensen@global.t-bird.edu for questions.


Coaching Skills Workshop

Coaching Workshop with Banner Health Executive Coaches Wednesday, April 17th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Snell 29 Learn how coaching skills can make you a better leader! The Thunderbird SHRM chapter presents an interactive coaching workshop hosted by two internal executive coaches from Banner Health. Over the past six years, Banner Health has created a robust coaching program that has impacted over 2500 leaders and physicians. Lisa Robinson and Clay Taylor are both certified coaches that will share their expertise on how to improve your leadership skills through coaching.

Pizza and sodas will be provided.


Overseas Security Briefing

An Overseas Security Briefing has been scheduled for all students attending an overseas Summerim class, Module Abroad or TEM Lab class during the Summer 2013 trimester.  This briefing will be held in Lecture Hall 54 on Thursday, April 25th, from 1-1:40pm.  Please plan on attending and be sure to sign in on the appropriate sheets upon arrival.


Need to extend your student medical insurance?

For students taking a trimester off of school or for those who are graduating, it is now possible to purchase up to 120 days student insurance coverage.  This will ensure continuing students will be covered for the full trimester they are off and give graduates an extra 30 days of insurance if they need it.  The new enrollment forms will be available on MTB on the Student Insurance Page by April 30th.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trudy Johnson at 602-978-7101 ortrudy.johnson@thunderbird.edu.


New FREE!  pool table for the Pub

As of Friday April 11th the coin operated Pool Table and Dartboard have been removed from the Pub by the vending company due to low usage. But do not worry thanks to the school (Thanks, Crystal Shanahan) The Pub on Monday April 15th will be receiving a fully refurbished pool table that everyone will be able to use for FREE.  We are sorry that there is a 3 day lag but think it will be worth it.


Have a great weekend!

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