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Courtesy Abhishek Nagaraju
Courtesy Abhishek Nagaraju

As we step into week 3 of school, there are a lot of things that have happened and a lot to look forward to. Here is a brief summary of what has happened in the past week and what to look forward to:

Club Day: Club day was held from 3-6 pm on Friday the 13th at the Commons. From feedback that the TSG received from a number of clubs and students, Club Day was a tremendous success and we thank every single person who helped make the event successful. As with every Club Day, the clubs are looking for your allocations. The allocation link will remain active until Tuesday, September 17 at 11:59 p.m. Allocations must be completed during this time frame. No exceptions. This deadline will not be extended.

1st Tri Representatives: Say hello to your new 1st trimester representatives!  Competition for these coveted spots was intense this year and the chosen ones are Cece Cao, Tom Yu, Pia Oestlien, Ooha Venugopal, Kyle Hutchin, Adam Gostel, Ankit Kapoor and Fiona Teerlink. Congratulations and welcome to the TSG!

Approved TSG budget for Fall 2013: The TSG budget for Fall 2013 was approved during the TSG public meeting on Friday and will be uploaded on the MTB page of TSG after the final club allocations.

Thunderplanners are back: The Americas Regional night will be held on the 28th of September at the TEC  and no regional night can be complete without the Thunderplanners. With the regional night season soon approaching, the TSG Events Chair, Sudharshan Babu, will be selecting a group of creative, committed students as Thunderplanners. Watch out for his mail for more information.

Student Town Hall with Dr. Penley: Don’t forget to join President Penley and other members of the senior management team for an important all-student Town Hall on Tuesday, September 17th from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm in the TEC. Dr. Penley will discuss Thunderbird’s vision for the future and will leave time for questions and conversation. There will also be the announcement of a great surprise for the students so be sure not to miss out!

ASK TSG at the Commons: Look out for the Ask TSG at the Commons from Monday – Thursday. Please come and tell us your issues & concerns and they will be addressed at the weekly TSG public meetings. This is the most convenient channel for the students to get answers to all their concerns on campus. Ask TSG timings: Mon/ Wed – 12pm to 1pm , Tues/Thurs – 1pm to 2pm.

Please contact me for any queries regarding the TSG at Have a great week!

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