Clubbing à la Thunderbird

Courtesy Nima Ghabchi
Courtesy: Nima Ghabchi

For many, Friday the 13th probably holds some superstitions of some sort. Not for Thunderbirds! Last Friday saw the annual Fall Club Day happening on campus. And boy was it happening. Logistics first–most of us were probably annoyed that we didn’t have our primary venue of choice i.e. the TEC and were going to have to sweat it out in the desert sun. But as is typical of Thunderbirds, we always make the best of a tough situation and Club Day went ahead at the Commons and the Pavillion for the first time since Spring 2012.

This year we had 7 new clubs vying for the most coveted power that students have on campus– the power to allocate their money.

Courtesy Victoriano Cabiles
Courtesy: Victoriano Cabiles

Some got very creative in enticing the unsuspecting new students with confectionery, cake, regional snacks and the much sought after ice cream and popsicles. Dare I say there were some wise women behind the latter two offerings as the MBAWI and TEMBA booths were responsible for both!

The sports clubs got in on the act too and there were balls flying all across the Commons as the Tennis & Cricket clubs offered students a chance at taking a few shots. Given the ambitious and competitive nature of T-birds, it was a fairly common site to see students flitting between booths as they tried to pull double duty on leadership teams of several clubs. Not an easy feat with the temperatures pushing the upper 100s by late evening.

Courtesy Nima Ghabchi
Courtesy: Nima Ghabchi

Ultimately, it appeared that the event went off without a hitch and hopefully the new students got their fill of what events are going to unfold over the next few weeks. It’s definitely looking like a chock-a-block Fall already. Don’t forget that allocations close by Tuesday, 17th September at 11.59pm and that there are plenty of clubs this semester that are worthy of funding!


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