What Can The Honor Council Do For You?

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Ok so here’s the situation: You’re working at Volkswagen and you find out that your department is the one that is leading the charge on creating the “defeat devices” that were recently used in order to cheat vehicle emissions tests with diesel engine modeled cars. You’ve only been working for […]

Club Day: Acces to the Life Force of Thunderbird

By: Sinhuja Kodivalasa, Guest Writer Getting a Business degree does not mean to be confined to classes and projects alone. It is the networking and hands on experience that accounts for the best experience. The ideal way to engage on campus is through being a part of various clubs. To enhance an interest in any […]

Clubbing in the Spring

Early Spring afternoon, 46 clubs and students converging at the TEC… sounds like the day Thunderbird went clubbing! Club Day returned to its old haunt at the TEC after spending a sizzling day in the Arizona heat last Fall. With Spring ’14 Club Day, the crowds were thinner and proceedings were less chaotic. Nonetheless, ever […]

From the Desk of the TSG President

A very warm welcome to all the T-birds. I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce the Spring 2014 TSG to you all: TSG President: Nikhil Purwaha TSG Vice-President: Santiago Peralta Treasurer: Cece Cao Student Affairs & Services Chair: Sudharshan Babu […]

Clubbing à la Thunderbird

For many, Friday the 13th probably holds some superstitions of some sort. Not for Thunderbirds! Last Friday saw the annual Fall Club Day happening on campus. And boy was it happening. Logistics first–most of us were probably annoyed that we didn’t have our primary venue of choice i.e. the TEC and were going to have […]

Club Day: Allocate, Allocate, Allocate

You know that feeling when you hear the same word over and over again and it starts to seem weird? Like it shouldn’t be a word at all? You wonder if it’s being said right; if it even means anything. How the word seems so alien to you that you suddenly start to doubt your […]

Supply Chain Management Functional Day

A note from the Club Leadership team… This week is an exciting week for the Global Supply Chain Club.  On Wednesday (02/15)  from 5:00pm – 6:30pm we are hosting a happy hour at the Pub in order to meet new members and open up communication lines with students.  Please come out for some tasty appetizers and beverages […]