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Clubbing in the Spring

Courtesy: Thunderbird Student Government
Courtesy: Thunderbird Student Government

Early Spring afternoon, 46 clubs and students converging at the TEC… sounds like the day Thunderbird went clubbing!

Club Day returned to its old haunt at the TEC after spending a sizzling day in the Arizona heat last Fall. With Spring ’14 Club Day, the crowds were thinner and proceedings were less chaotic. Nonetheless, ever enthusiastic T-birds came out to support their favorite clubs and discover if any new interesting ones had turned up since last year.

Among the new clubs, the Thunderbankers had much of the Finance crowd making a beeline to their table. As always, the clubs garnering most of the attention were the cultural clubs with regional delicacies set out to tempt students to their tables. More than a few of these clubs were vying for students’ curiosity by writing their names in languages like Arabic & Chinese. Not to be outdone, the right side of the TEC had sports clubs with an array of live tryouts in place for the more sporty students.

Courtesy: Thunderbird Student Government
Courtesy: Thunderbird Student Government

Career focused students swarmed the left side, with the TAP clubs, TEMBA, Tech Biz, MBAWI, SHRM & co. lined up to talk to students about projects lined up as well as getting students involved with the clubs to further their job and internship hunt.

A shout out has to go to the Thunderbird Student Government (TSG) for setting everything up to go off without a hitch… and playing some popping tunes to keep everyone bouncing and on their feet.

This year, the TSG has upped the amount from $7 per allocation to $9 per allocation and to be deemed official, a club would require a minimum of 14 student allocations. Club allocations can be made at http://my.thunderbird.edu/mtbforms/TSG/ClubFundAllocation.asp until February 12, 2104 at 8:00 a.m. so make sure you use those dollars wisely!

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