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New Students’ take on Our Big Night

Courtesy: Jaymie Amaral
Courtesy: Jaymie Amaral

I didn’t plan on taking the stage at regional night until around 11:30 AM Saturday, when I learned my “dancing skills” were needed.

Although my career on stage lasted, at most, 30 seconds, it was clear–Thunderbird’s Regional Night had an air of celebration around it.  The efforts put on by the organizers, the food cooked by the chefs, and the free margaritas all came together in a perfect storm of what makes Thunderbird amazing.

My friend Evan Canham said it best. “This is a lot of fun.”  That’s a direct quote.

The Americas regional night was one for the books.  Who knew Thunderbird had such creative talent?  As a prospective student, the event in February was a major catalyst for me taking out the student loans and deciding on Thunderbird for my Masters degree.  It is a perfect expression of the T-Bird experience–a mash of cultures so strong and so unique it requires its own stage.

Congratulations to the performers of the evening, the event organizers, and everyone in attendance on Saturday.  It was another successful evening of fun, well deserved after finals and midterms!

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