Regional Night Spring 2016: Ensemble

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor Thunderbird’s last Regional Night of Spring 2016 took place Saturday April 2nd. The theme was “Ensemble” and the dinner menu impressively managed to incorporate cuisine from four continents: pierogis from Europe, feijoada and empanadas from South America, injera and atkilt wat from Africa and even pepperoni pizza from North America. After […]

A Regional Night Downpour

The downpour that made up for months of no precipitation Saturday made it seem as though the filled-to-the-brim TEC was a Super Dome of sorts for Glendale, providing safe housing in such a brutal storm.  No, most were there for the free food and entertainment, because another Regional Night was upon us! The theme tonight was “The […]

New Students’ take on Our Big Night

I didn’t plan on taking the stage at regional night until around 11:30 AM Saturday, when I learned my “dancing skills” were needed. Although my career on stage lasted, at most, 30 seconds, it was clear–Thunderbird’s Regional Night had an air of celebration around it.  The efforts put on by the organizers, the food cooked […]

A (Regional) Night to Remember!

650+ attendees. 16+ performances. 10+ menu items. Best. Regional. Night. Ever. Kudos to every single person who made it an extremely entertaining evening – the Latin American Business and Culture Club, ThunderDance, TSG and the ThunderPlanners. It indeed was a perfect evening to experience the truest spirit of American culture. Probably no other regional night has […]