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A Halloween Treat and Contest!!!

Courtesy: Sneha Gayatri
Courtesy: Sneha Gayatri

All of us here at Das Tor have discovered something devastating. We are a global school with so many talented individuals; however, we have failed at showing our foreign friends one of the time-honored traditions of Halloween–TRICK-OR-TREATING! So, in order to remedy this, we have decided to put on our very own Trick-or-Treat circuit here at Thunderbird.

WHAT: Trick-or-Treating around the campus throughout the dorms.

WHEN: This Thursday, October 31st (Halloween… duh) from 6-7:30pm. The West Dorms will trick-or-treat around the A/B Dorms from 6-6:30pm, the A/B Dorms will trick-or-treat the East Dorms from 6:30-7pm, and the East Dorms will trick-or-treat the West Dorms from 7-7:30pm. Then head that night to Pub in your costumes and party the night away!

HOW: It’s easy, all you do is dress up in your costume (get creative, get some laughs… or scares!). Grab a pillowcase to store your goodies and then go door to door knocking and saying “trick-or-treat”. When they open it, get some candy!

It’s that easy! We hope to show all of the students from around the globe, the true way to celebrate Halloween, with some candy! If you will not be there to give out candy, we encourage you to put out a bowl filled with candy outside your door with a note above it encouraging people to take a piece–BUT, don’t be a grinch and steal all of the candy. That’s evil and ghosts will come haunt you if you do that. Now for our next exciting Halloween announcement…


It’s that time of the year again! Bring out the pumpkins, costumes, and candy. Dress up–yourself and your windows, because it is Halloween contest time!

WHAT: This is a first at Thunderbird – a Halloweendow contest where you can partake in Halloween festivities and win big!

WHEN: Anytime between now and next Saturday at 12pm. We will announce the winners in next Sunday’s edition!

HOW: Dress up your windows, put out decorations that can be viewed from the outside. Use a theme, make it scary, do something clever – anything you please that celebrates the spirit of Halloween (while adhering to the guidelines specified by the Housing department). Make sure you click a picture with your window and email it to sneha.gayatri@global.t-bird.edu. Your Das Tor team will select the best Halloween-themed window and may also personally visit you to look at your work of art, so get those creative cells thinking!

Questions or suggestions? Email sneha.gayatri@global.t-bird.edu


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