BYOLunch with MBAWI: Internships!

By Christine Moore, President, MBA Women International Club

The MBA Women International Club held their weekly BYOLunch informal chit-chats with Thunderbird women. On Tuesday, October 1st, the theme was Internships. Women who had completed summer internships this past summer shared their stories on how to obtain an internship, their roles while at the company, and some helpful advice with the other women. The list of special guests included:

  • Kelly Tiller, Johnson & Johnson: Advises to go to everything that would help your work and follow up on communication
  • Paige Chapman, Henkel: Advises to be ready for face-to-face contacts and be prepared for interviews
  • Lacey Yoder, a Phoenix finance and consulting firm: Advises to do well on the first assignments in classes to stand out to professors
  • Jen Noymer, Con Agra Foods: Advises to start today to look for jobs and keep your options open
  • Gbemi Disu, Chevron Texaco, and currently with the CMC: Understand with whom you are connecting and their background so you do not overlook the opportunity for them to help you
mbawi 2
Courtesy: Christine Moore

Overall, the experienced interns agreed that an MBA alone won’t get you a job, it’s the experience, connections, and preparation that will ultimately land you in a position with your desired company.

The BYOLunch was very well attended by more than 20 women from the MS, MA and MBA programs.

Women International will hold their weekly BYOLunch event every Tuesday in the Tower from 1:00 to 2:00. Please bring you lunch and stop by to share your unique story with the other Thunderbird women. This week, our theme is Career Fairs. We will be discussing on how to prepare for these career fairs, what to do and what not to do. Join us! 

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