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Courtesy: AISEC USA
Courtesy: AISEC USA

By Tom Yu

Many people may not know of AIESEC, however, it is actually the world’s biggest student-run non-profit organization. Its main mission is to bring peace and prosperity to the world, not through anything else but the thing that you love the most – global leadership development exchanges. AIESEC functions through facilitating international internships and volunteer experiences between 124 countries and territories across various business functions, such as marketing, supply chain, finance, and many more, with more than 8,000 partner organizations. It is an experience that you can benefit from either during the summer, or as a recent graduate.

Surprisingly, even as the #1 International Business School, and with AIESECers such as Jay Bryant, a frequent AIESEC regional, national, and international conference attendee, and Rebecca Henriksen who serves on the AIESEC US National Board, we do not have a chapter here. However, to us, it is a perfect organization for such a globally infused school like Thunderbird, and we hope you feel the same as well. And that’s why we are bringing AIESEC to Thunderbird.

Courtesy: AISEC USA
Courtesy: AIESEC USA

On Friday, November 8th, from 4-5pm, we are going to have our very first info session. During this time, we are going to tell you all about our mission and goals, and what AIESEC can do for you, from our very own Jay Bryant and Rebecca Henriksen’s perspective, as well as AIESEC Arizona State Leadership team’s. Since we are still in the application process in becoming an official AIESEC Chapter, we are currently operating under the name of “Global Business Exchange Association.” However, that does not limit our ability to provide exceptional global internship/volunteer opportunities to you.

During our info session, we will provide information regarding our association with AIESEC Arizona State, and how we can help you get the resources and opportunities that you need through our partnership.

So please join us in our info session. And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tom Yu, VP of Marketing and Outgoing Exchanges!

Hope to see everyone there!

(To know more about AIESEC, visit and Thunderbird’s AIESEC Facebook page)

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