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Thunderbird Wins First Place

By Shushank Bhandarkar

Pic Courtesy - Shushank Bhandarkar
Pic Courtesy – Shushank Bhandarkar

Last week, 4 Thunderbird students from the Thunderbird Finance Association participated in the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge Competition. The Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge is a competition in which stock trading for 60 days is simulated in a period of two hours. Teams do trading based on stock performance and news feeds. This competition had 8 schools (Thunderbird and 7 other MBA schools in Arizona) and around 50 companies (executives) participating, mainly in the financial sector. Thunderbird ranked #1 amongst the 8 schools for which we received the rolling trophy. Thunderbird’s overall ranking was approximately 15 out of 58. This number was not disclosed, but this was our ranking before they blocked the screen to announce the results as a surprise.

The 4 students were: Shushank Bhandarkar (3rd Tri MBA), Anuj Mody (3rd Tri MBA), Jana Hong (1st Tri MBA) and Chetan HR (3rd Tri MBA). Congratulations! You have made Thunderbird proud!  

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