Global Citizen Forum 2014

Courtesy: Net Impact Club
Courtesy: Net Impact Club


Inspired by Thunderbird’s mission of educating global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide, the 4th Annual Global Citizen Forum will give students, alumni, industry leaders, and professors an opportunity to engage in candid discussions about how for-profit companies are changing the face of global business. The focus of this year’s conference (and the 2 panel discussions) are: sustainability and marketing/brand and product management.

The event will kick-off with a Speed Networking and Resume Coaching on Thursday, March 27th at 7:30 pm (location TBA) with alumni and speakers. It will be followed by a “Welcome Back Alumni” Reception at the Pub that is open to all students.

The main events are scheduled for Friday, March 28th. The keynote speech will be delivered by Shelley Esque, President, Intel Foundation, at 11.15 AM.  There will be 2 interesting panel discussions and 6 informative workshops during the day.  There will be opportunities for networking throughout the two days including breakfast, lunch, panels, and workshops.

Panel Discussions Details:


IS SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABLE? Making the business case for sustainability – how does a company turn sustainability into profit? What should MBA graduates know about companies’ sustainability initiatives and how will it affect them in their future job positions?


THE FUTURE OF PRODUCTS & BRANDS. How will sustainability efforts change the role of marketing, and what do future brand/product managers need to know about marketing compliance, changes in customer behavior and how to communicate sustainability.

Workshop Details:

Workshop 1 – Entrepreneurship

Workshop 2 – The Many Faces of Marketing by Unilever

Brand Marketing, Customer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Insights Marketing…what do all of these titles mean and how do you know which role is right for you? This workshop will be an interactive session to help you understand the many career paths within the field of marketing. We will cover these from both a global and local perspective and will also discuss the complexities and opportunities in developing global brands.

Workshop 3 – Sustainable Supply Chains by Driscoll‘s, Maracuja        Solutions & Sustainable Food Trade Association

Workshop 4 – Metrics and Evaluation by an M&E Consulting Firm

Workshop 5 – Product Marketing in Technology by Xbox Live Service Of Microsoft

Workshop 6 – Advertising Companies’ Sustainability Initiatives by LeadDog Marketing GROUP

Note: The reception on 3/27 and the two panels (3/28) are open to all students, faculty, and admin. Students will have to pre-register for the breakfast, lunch, and workshops if you wish to attend. For registrations, please send an e-mail to Lauren Simkulak – Space is limited!

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