With the Global Citizen Forum coming up this Friday, we at Das Tor are taking a sneak peek into who will be on the panels this week.

Up first is the Sustainability Panel. Moderated by Prof. Tom Hunsaker, this panel will host a wide range of leaders from the industry, with organizations such as MillerCoors, Zappos, Driscoll’s and Sustainable Food Trade being represented. Here’s a little more on them:

Lisa SpickaMarajuca Solutions and Sustainable Food Trade: Lisa Spicka has worked across the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Brazil on organic, social justice, sustainability, and food safety initiatives. Her experience includes Operations and General Management in the Food and Ag industries, International Development Project Management, Program Management for sustainability initiatives, and several years in organic certification.  The diversity of her work ranges from working with uneducated peasant farmers to division Presidents of multi-national conglomerates.

Andrew Wulf, Driscoll’s: Currently serving as the Director of Product Quality, Andrew Wulf’s work has primarily dealt with working collaboratively across cultures, languages and departments to create enduring solutions, evinced his social-entrepreneurial experience launching firms in Central America. His career has led him across various geographies, and mainly dealt with developing strong teams that improve social progress. His focus has been on social/environmental interests within organizations, working towards creating change and impact.

Marco Uguarte, MillerCoors: As Sustainability Manager at MillerCoors, Marco Uguarte is responsible for comprehensive Energy & Water Stewardship Strategy whilst serving as the main point of contact for strategic partnerships for MillerCoors, the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable, the United Nations Global Compact, and the Sustainability Consortium. His career has included roles at APICS and The Sustainability Consortium.

Brad Tomm, Zappos: As senior manager of campus operations and sustainability, Brad Tomm, is responsible for the implementation of strategic environmental projects in the areas of energy, water, recycling, logistics, green building and education. His career in sustainability has led him from working as an engineer to energy management at the MGM Resorts International to his current role. His specialty lies in in statistical and financial modeling of the company’s energy, water and waste footprint.

The second panel being organized by Net Impact is the Marketing Products & Brand Panel. Moderated by Prof. Sundaresan Ram, this panel will deal with the future of marketing products and brands and the tie-in to sustainability measures. At the panel will be:

Chris Gyori, Unilever:  As a channel marketing manager from Unilever, Chris Gyori responsibilities consist of developing and implementing channel marketing strategies, overseeing analytics, primary and secondary research and designing channel strategy and tactics for select national distribution. On the sustainability front, she is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Sustainability Studies from Harvard and also serves on the board of the East Meets West Foundation. For the past few years, she has interviewed business leaders, NGO leaders, private citizens and government officials on the topics of sustainability and CSR.

Javier Rodriguez, The Coca-Cola Company: Serving as the global senior marketing sustainability director, Javier Rodriguez has 22 years of marketing management experience, acquired through several brands and businesses such as Danone and Coca-Cola, based on a passion for consumer understanding and innovation. His expertise includes marketing execution experience in media, advertising and events and sustainability marketing. He also serves as an Advisory Board Member of Sustainable Brands, a leading organization on bringing together the best thinking on sustainability marketing and is an active member of a working group at World Economic Forum to drive consumer engagement towards sustainability.

Max Kabat, LeadDog Marketing Group: Currently at LeadDog Marketing Group, Max Kabat is the ‘greendog’, where he is involved in helping socially, environmentally conscious brands and initiatives effect positive change. He interacts directly with brands to learn about their goals and objectives, identifying their target communities, formulating creative ways to help them grow. He also acts as the last line of authentic-defense for messaging, positioning and strategic partnerships.

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