Organizational Consulting

Organizational consulting is a type of consulting services in which you assist businesses in evaluating and possibly restructuring the current internal layout of the company. The ultimate aim is to make the best use of all resources available by organizing them in the most logical and advantageous way structurally. Usually an organizational works with new business ventures. His work is to design and establish a corporate working structure that would be able to support the goals of the company.

Apart from enhancing the proficiency and skill sets of existing employees and other personnel, organizational consulting also looks into other aspects of company. In this form of consulting, the logistics involved in creation and delivery of products of services may be tweaked. For example, the consultant may suggest minor changes to the layout of a plant floor. But that suggestion will result in saving time between necessary steps. Another example is by making a change in the equipment used the efficiency of the production process may be improved manifold.


The ultimate aim of organization consulting is to provide a plan to improve the function of the corporation. Owners and management teams can then decide if they wish to implement all or part of the suggestions made by the consultant. Once this decision is made, then they prioritize the execution of suggestions. Mostly, the consultant is hired and is made responsible for carrying out his suggestions in the company. Depending on the proposed solutions penetration in the company, the overall process of organizational consulting may last for several months or even for a period of years.

Freedom Factor

Organizational Consultants are required to go to the client sites and resolve the problem at the client location. But they also spend time in the office. The distinction between traveling a lot and working from the office depends on the experience level and preferences of the consultant.



The website popular website for salary details – reports that the medium salary in the United States  for  Organizational Development Consultant is $82,524 .

Alternate Job Titles: Consultant of Organizational Development, OD Consultant, Organizational Development Consultant


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