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In this world of digital boom, creating a website for your business is the easiest thing. But getting the website to be listed as the top result when a search query is made is more difficult. Content Managers are responsible for providing and maintaining the right content that is required for the website. The content developed will be used not only in the online media but also in the print media. So the content should be similar and should evoke interest in the minds of readers.

courtesy: cmswire.com
courtesy: cmswire.com

Content management involves creating content, verifying the authenticity, publishing the content, promoting the published article and archiving the old articles for easy reference in the future. The content manager is responsible for the integrity of the content. He is also responsible for maintaining the systems, which manage content–like the online CMS (Content Management System) servers. Apart from the technical work, he is involved in budgeting and scheduling and works closely with the Chief Information Officer.

Additional qualifications would include a strong background in the marketing field, an experience in editing articles, exposure to journalism and sound IT orientation. It is also beneficial to have knowledge about the security systems of online content. Also Content Managers have to be very careful in managing the versions. Version control is tracked using various tools. Some of the popular Content Management Software (CMS) are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • ModX
  • TextPattern
  • RefineryCMS
  • Drupal
  • Concrete5
  • DotNetNuke
  • Umbraco
  • TinyCMS

Of these, WordPress is one of the most famous softwares that is being used worldwide. These content managers also deal with analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Successful Content Managers use and track social media with respect to the articles published in their websites. SEO is the process of improving the results of a search query in such a way that your website is more visible to the public and is linked as the top result. In other words when you do a Google search, if your website is returned as the result of your search in top 10 results then you have implemented a working SEO. Content Managers are required to understand which appeals to the readers and are required to adapt SEO based on the psychology of readers.

Courtesy: salary.com
Courtesy: salary.com

Indeed.com projects an average salary of $76,000 for Content Managers whereas Salary.com website a median salary of $85,855. This salary difference is largely dependent on the company for which you work. Glassdoor gives data that Content managers in Thomson Reuters earn as high as $136k whereas those in Expedia earn $91k. Thus, Content Management is a job for those inspired writers who possess a good technical knowledge and managerial skills.



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