The Death of Quality, Part I

By Bryce Bower, Editor in Chief Instant gratification and the ever-quickening pace of technology has degraded the quality of content in news, entertainment, and writing in general. We want more and we want it now. When the only thing people want is a quick blurb, there is no incentive to write anything thoroughly researched and […]

Content Manager

In this world of digital boom, creating a website for your business is the easiest thing. But getting the website to be listed as the top result when a search query is made is more difficult. Content Managers are responsible for providing and maintaining the right content that is required for the website. The content […]

How to achieve happiness

By Anonymous Happiness: That elusive state of mind that likes to wave at you from afar, and run from you when up close. So many people claim that they have found happiness when they find a new love, or make a change in career paths, but what exactly have they found? I find that most […]