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Courtesy: My Thunderbird
Courtesy: My Thunderbird

Hello T-Birds!

And so we approach the home stretch… Client presentations, final papers, and final exams begin taking over our lives. A new chapter of excitement derived from a little bit of uncertainty begins to approach for some of us. As for the other rest, a minute break long enough to catch a breather before the next trimester.

This past week brought many exciting events, both club-led and TSG-led. We experienced a bazaar put together by the regional clubs and TEMBA that provided a jubilee of regional clothing, foods, music, and business practices.  Simultaneously, the four final teams battled for $3,500 of prize money in TEN’s Entrepreneur Business Pitch Competition. The following day, MBA Women International provided a day full of speakers and self-defense. To round up the week, GLOBE revitalized the No Hate campaign with T-Bird photographs.

In the TSG avenue, we accomplished various goals. Firstly, our wonderful chairs & reps Barbara Noseda, Michael Reardon, and Pia Oestlien summarized yet another wonderful Forum. The HLC Forum was expected to be emotional, yet with your support, great attitudes, and ideas, it became impressively productive. Finally, an email containing the Executive Summary went out to the student body as well as administration and the Board of Trustees.

Next, on Friday, the TSG voted to approve the remodeling of all of the school’s lounges. This idea had been tossed around for about 6 months and ReDesign was asked to provide a quote for producing custom furniture for the school (For those unaware, ReDesign is a Thunderbird student entrepreneur venture that makes sturdy furniture out of recycled materials). ReDesign provided a detailed layout and quote to TSG, and this Friday, TSG approved the project. We are currently exploring whether this will be used as a class gift or not.

This is a perfect segue-way to our next topic: the class gift. A survey went out this week to all current students to vote for a class gift. The choices are: 1) an interactive board to replace the current easels used by clubs/TSG, and 2) the remodeling of all the lounges. The class gift this trimester will be funded by donations and candy grams sold for Valentine’s Day and Friend’s Week.

Other initiatives that this week brought were the EMBA Meet and Greet at the Pub this past Saturday- which was a tremendous success, a donation box and meal card donations, and the finalization of the yearbook.

Finally, it is with the utmost excitement that I get to present the Summer 2014 TSG President and Vice-President: Giacomo Paccione (President) and Casey Sutton (Vice-President). Both Giacomo and Casey are currently in the TSG and they have been fantastic to work with. It is an honor to pass the leadership torch to them.

Now… what’s coming up!

Summer 2014 TSG Chair Applications – The TSG President and Vice-President Elections NEED your help this summer! This summer’s TSG will consist of 5-6 people, two of them being the President and Vice-President. The chair applications are attached to this letter. Every person will have the opportunity to serve as 2-3 chairs simultaneously as the total number of people is lower. The applications are due by Friday, May 2nd By 5 pm. If you are interested in this and have any questions, please contact me at:

Reimburement Forms (Due April 29th)- Attention all club leadership teams! The last day to turn in your reimbursement forms will be April 29th. If you do not turn in your forms by then, your reimbursement checks will be available NEXT TRIMESTER.

Global Gala – Global Gala tickets are on sale!!! Please buy your tickets by May 1st. If do not buy your tickets by May 1st, the prices will double. I trust that the business student in you will see that option as a poor financial decision and will buy your tickets before May 1st.  The Global Gala will be held at the Hilton Pointe on May 9th!

Other than that, keep working! You are almost there!

-Santiago Peralta, TSG Vice-President

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