From the Desk of the TSG

Hello T-Birds! And so we approach the home stretch… Client presentations, final papers, and final exams begin taking over our lives. A new chapter of excitement derived from a little bit of uncertainty begins to approach for some of us. As for the other rest, a minute break long enough to catch a breather before […]

Mr. and Ms. Thunderbird Fall 2013

Last Friday evening saw the manifestation of the 2nd Mr. and Ms. Thunderbird pageant at the Pavilion, aimed towards fundraising for the Fall 2013 class gift. There were 12 contestants that competed to represent the school as the next Mr. and Ms. Thunderbird. The audience and 6 judges voted and judged the contestants on different […]

Candy, Eye Candy & First Tuesday: What the TSG has in store this week!

It’s the time of the year again for lots of great fundraising events! Thunderbird has the tradition where every graduating class will raise funds for a class gift to give back to the school. Like this awesome Thunderbird plate at Sandra’s office! Since it is a gift back to the school, it is never too late […]