T-Birds in the Desert: Here comes The H-E-A-T

© Just In Case Arizona
© Just In Case Arizona

As temperatures rose into the 90s last week, those at Thunderbird who have lived through a summer in AZ , shrugged it off with a “meh.”   The rest of us were hovering inside the IBIC and circling the parking lot for unmarked covered parking spots.  At some point during Foundations, I have a vague recollection of Security telling us to drink water and not to crack our car windows no matter how hot it gets. Yet,  when it’s hot, my first instinct is to crack open a refreshing, caffeinated, Diet Coke and leave all four of my windows down  (just enough that when I open my car door I’m not met with furnace-like conditions.) Don’t do this. As this summer will be many student’s first in Arizona, I took a look at what the Old Farmer’s Almanac long-range weather forecast predicts for us. Indeed, it is going to H-O-T.  Hotter than previous summers. Hot. Two to three degrees hotter than normal, in late June, late July, and early to mid-August. Hot. Here are three key reminders for T-Birds about mitigating the risk of the H-E-A-T (courtesy of the AZ government):

  1. Stay indoors as much as possible and limit exposure to the sun. If you must be in the sun, wear sunblock and a hat, and light-colored clothing. (Most of us live in the IBIC and rarely see the light of day.  Check.)
  2. Drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeinated beverages. (I see many students carrying a gallon of water around campus in one hand and a red bull in another. 1/2 Check.)
  3. Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages; they raise your body temperature. (T-Birds always drink responsibly. Check?)

Following these three rules will reduce your risk for a number of heat-related issues, including severe sunburn, heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. So don’t let The H-E-A-T bummer your summer. For more information about extreme heat preparation, check out Just in Case Arizona.


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