Fun in the Flat State of Florida

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By Adam Gostel

In last month’s edition of Das Tor, I shared the “Wonderful World of Wyoming” with you.  This month, I take you on another journey to my birthplace, Florida.  Florida is one of the most unique places on the planet.  One day you can surf the beaches in the Atlantic, the next day you can travel to the Florida Everglades to get up close and personal with alligators.  And who can forget about the “Most Magical Place on Earth?”  That’s right, Disneyworld is there as well.  These are all reasons enough to visit Florida but there is much more to know about the state and a whole lot that Florida has to offer as well.

For starters, I would recommend visiting during the winter as the weather is much more enjoyable during this time of the year.  Summers are very hot, humid and there is a tendency for rain in the afternoon; not to mention hurricanes are common to Florida and aren’t exactly a pleasant experience.  I have personally been through four in my life.  So where to go that I haven’t already mentioned?  I would recommend sitting on one of the nice and relaxing beaches on the Gulf of Mexico such as Naples or Marco Island.  The water is perfect with light waves and fine grains of white sand on the shore, you can even see a dolphin or two if you are lucky.  Another added perk is that to get to the Gulf of Mexico you drive through the Florida Everglades so you can hit two spots in one trip.

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Up next would have to be Kennedy Space Center (or KSC for short).  At KSC you can get up close and personal to everything space-related.  If you can, schedule to visit the area when there is a shuttle launch or landing.  I have been at KSC for a shuttle landing and it is an experience that I will never forget.  Don’t forget to visit the Florida Keys while in the state.  The Florida Keys are home to the most southern point in the United States.  While in the Florida Keys you absolutely must try Key Lime Pie, it is delicious.

Finish off your visit to Florida, by sipping some of the freshest most delightful orange juice in the city of St. Augustine.  St. Augustine is the oldest European city in the U.S. that has been continuously occupied.  You will not find a city with more history  within the United States.  Unlike Wyoming, I recommend flying to Florida, it will be a vacation that you will not soon forget.  I highly recommend visiting all the destinations I have listed and beyond.  If you have any questions about Florida or want recommendations I am happy to help.


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