Module Abroad – Prague

By Thaedra Brondum

Courtesy: Thaedra Brondum
Courtesy: Thaedra Brondum

The Spring 2014 MBA cohort has been in Prague, Czech Republic officially for 4 days. Some of the students arrived last weekend and some encountered flight problems and arrived Monday. The students were greeted with high humidity and rain showers on and off for their first week of class.  Monday, after a 3 hour class session on Global Strategy, students were introduced to the city through a scavenger hunt. They were given a list of clues and questions to answer in various parts of the city.

Some of the things they were to find were:

  • Who said “My Praguers understand me”? – Mozart
  • Find out what happened to the Clock maker. – He was blinded after making the Astronomical Clock in order to stop him from making a clock as beautiful afterwards
  • How many statues are there on the Charles Bridge? – 30 statues
  • Who owns the John Lenin Wall? – The Knights of Malta

The last thing the students were sent to find was the restaurant where they would have dinner. Everyone, thankfully, was able to find it.  During the dinner Thunderbird students learned some Czech words that they could practice around the city.

Courtesy: Thaedra Brondum
Courtesy: Thaedra Brondum

Students have taken the time after lessons to enjoy Czech foods and explore more of the city. With the weekend now upon us many students are excited to be able to go explore more of the city, some are traveling out further (even to another country!), and our Professor is as well. It is hard to stay inside focused on learning and homework when there is a new country and city to explore.

When asked about her experience in Prague so far, Hope Wilson said,“The people of Prague have been very warm and receptive to us. The spontaneous Czech lessons have been very useful. We have been making good use of our lessons at the local coffee shops and pubs.”

Want to learn some Czech words? Below is a list of some of the most common that Thunderbird students have been using:



Dobrý den Good day
Prosím Please
Pivo Beer
Děkuji vam Thank you
Na shledanou Goodbye
Ahoj Hi or Bye


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