Natural Sciences Manager

For those of you who still have an interest in research and development, a career as a natural sciences manager may be for you. It is a very good option that combines both the managerial skills and the penchant for research. Generally natural sciences managers are responsible for coordinating the work of various scientists, physicists, chemists and biologists. They manage the testing, quality check and final production.


Usually a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences or a related field is required to start a job in this career path. Many natural sciences managers have worked as scientists before becoming managers.



Natural Sciences Managers have the following day-to-day responsibilities:


  • To develop goals and strategies for the organization according to the directions of top executives.
  • To create budgets for new research and making sure that the budget is strictly followed.
  • To hire, supervise and evaluate the scientists and other technicians in the organization.
  • To ensure that the required equipment for research are available
  • To create and strictly follow the administrative policies, procedure and standards in the organization.
  • Act as a liaison between the scientists, technicians, top management and the clients.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that natural sciences managers held 51,600 jobs in 2012. Managers with less staff to supervise actually participated in the research, whereas managers with larger staffs primarily took care of only the administrative work.

The various industries that employed natural sciences managers are listed below: –




According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for natural sciences managers was $115,730 in 2012. The salary for natural science managers in different industries is listed below: –






Job Outlook:


The growth in this sector especially for the natural sciences managers is predicted at 6% from 2012 to 2022. This is slower than the growth in other sectors. The main reason for this relative slow growth of the natural sciences managers is due the major outsourcing of work in the research and development industry.




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