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Making Time for Hobbies

By Adam Gostel

So far this summer I have brought you on a journey of the U.S. from wonderful wildlife in Wyoming to the farthest southern tip of the U.S. in Florida.  This time I am switching gears completely from a travel writer to the platform of a promoter.  What am I promoting?  I am promoting everyone to find a hobby that interests them.

Let’s face it: business school and life in general can often be challenging.  We all need an escape from the stresses of everyday life and this is where a hobby is crucial.  So you may be wondering what constitutes a good hobby.  In my opinion it will be something you can do to clear your mind, relax you, and even hopefully provide energy to move on with the mundane tasks that we all have to accomplish day in and day out (whether that be the reading the next business case or finding the motivation to clean your dorm room, because we all know it is messy right now).

The next question that may pop into your mind is: what are some of your hobbies, Adam?  Great question! One of my favorite hobbies may be a little more extreme than the average reader desires.  I have recently joined MMALab and started taking kickboxing and muay thai classes.  I find this to be an amazing workout and it really allows me to release any stress I may have.  If you are interested in taking kickboxing classes, but sporting gnarly bruises isn’t your thing, you can always head over to Title Boxing Club and take a class from our all-time favorite salad slinger, Stacey.  Both gyms are located about 4 miles away from campus off 75th Ave. and Bell Rd.  Another added bonus is they both offer the first class for free!

Golf in AZ

For slightly less extreme hobbies I do enjoy going to the gym and even golfing.  Another recommendation is looking into the complimentary yoga classes offered on campus or getting involved with a club or two that we provide here at Thunderbird.  Whatever you decide makes a good hobby is something that you should pursue.  The key is just to find something that you enjoy and that takes you away from the burdens of life at least temporarily.  Hobbies can also be a great way to meet new people and even network.  So the last question is: are you still sitting down reading this article?  If you are, thank you!  But get up, get out, and do something.  I look forward to seeing you all back on campus in a few weeks when we will find or add new hobbies to our Google Calendars.

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