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In the Spirit of an Entrepreneur

By: Gloria Liu, Staff Writer

“I come to Thunderbird because of its cultural diversity and business savvy.”

Courtesy of Beitman
Courtesy of Beitman

Thursday, February 26, an ASU alumnus Drew Kennedy reached out to entrepreneurial T-Birds to deliver a company info session sponsored by the China Entrepreneur Network (CEN). Mr. Kennedy runs a language training program called Academy Franchise Partnership, Inc. (The Academy).  The company has three business sectors and intends to have executive level directors on board by the end of this trimester. Envisioned as a terrific opportunity for T-Birds who are seeking a career in entrepreneurship, CEN invited Mr. Kennedy to pitch his company and get connected with promising partners.

“The Academy is looking for true entrepreneurs,” says Kennedy. But what makes a true entrepreneur? According to Kennedy, true entrepreneurs are energetic people who take a sense of ownership in their business. They should think strategically, and meanwhile come up with breakdown detailed solutions. Many people think big, but do not really execute, and they become a “wantrepreneur”. True entrepreneurs can be viewed as “crazy ones” for their disruptive innovation.


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