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Google predictive text, “Why is {insert country} so…”

Aaron W. Rockwell – Staff Writer

Saw this post the other day, and thought I should recreate it but with the world view. Essentially grabs the top three autocomplete texts from when someone writes in Google; for example, “Why is America so..” Most of the predictive text searches asked “why the country was so poor” followed by “expensive”, and then “rich.” My favorite is, “Why is Chad so crazy” (which I assume it is predicting Chad the human name, and not the country. I have a “Chad” as a friend and he is probably my craziest.)

Courtesy: google.com
Courtesy: google.com

So here’s the map of the whole world (based from an incognito Arizona IP address), you can zoom in and out like Google maps:

Hold shift to grab and move the map in Tabeau:

Also, if the map is difficult to navigate, here is the table breakdown:

Country Continent Predictive Text
Afghanistan ASIA “why is afghanistan so poor”
“why is afghanistan so hard to conquer”
“why is afghanistan so dry”
Albania EUROPE “why is albania so poor”
“why is albania so dangerous”
“why is albania so corrupt”
Algeria AFRICA “why is algeria so big”
“why is algeria so dangerous”
“why is algeria so poor”
Andorra EUROPE “why is andorra so small”
Angola AFRICA “why is angola so expensive”
“why is angola so poor”
“why is luanda angola so expensive”
Antigua and Barbuda N. AMERICA “antigua and barbuda soccerway”
“antigua and barbuda social security”
“antigua and barbuda soccer”
Argentina S. AMERICA “why is argentina so white”
“why is argentina so poor”
“why is argentina so good at soccer”
Armenia EUROPE “why is armenia so poor”
“why is armenia so small”
Australia OCEANIA “why is australia so dry”
“why is australia so hot”
“why is australia so racist”
Austria EUROPE “why is austria so racist”
“why is austria so small”
“why is austria so rich”
Azerbaijan EUROPE “why is azerbaijan so rich”
“why is azerbaijan in eurovision song contest”
Bahamas N. AMERICA “why is bahamas so expensive”
“why is bahamas so famous”
“why is bahamas water so clear”
Bahrain ASIA “why is bahrain so rich”
“why is bahrain so densely populated”
“why is bahrain so hot”
Bangladesh ASIA “why is bangladesh so poor”
“why is bangladesh so overpopulated”
“why is bangladesh so populated”
Barbados N. AMERICA “why is barbados so foreign to the narrator”
“why is barbados so expensive”
“why is barbados so hot”
Belarus EUROPE “why is belarus so scary”
“why is belarus so poor”
“why is belarus inflation so high”
Belgium EUROPE “why is belgium so good at soccer”
“why is belgium so good at football”
“why is belgium so high in fifa ranking”
Belize N. AMERICA “why is belize so poor”
“why is belize so expensive”
“why is belize so cheap”
Benin AFRICA “why is benin so poor”
“why is the ownership of benin art so controversial”
Bhutan ASIA “why is bhutan so happy”
“why is bhutan so expensive”
“why is bhutan so special”
Bolivia S. AMERICA “why is bolivia so poor”
“why is bolivia so bad at soccer”
“why is bolivia so unfriendly”
Bosnia and Herzegovina EUROPE “why is bosnia and herzegovina so poor”
“bosnia and herzegovina soccer”
“bosnia and herzegovina soccerway”
Botswana AFRICA “why is botswana so successful”
“why is botswana so rich”
“why is botswana so expensive”
Brazil S. AMERICA “why is brazil so poor”
“why is brazil so big”
“why is brazil so violent”
Brunei ASIA “why is brunei so wealthy”
“why is brunei so small”
“why is brunei so peaceful”
Bulgaria EUROPE “why is bulgaria so poor”
“why is bulgaria so bad”
“why is bulgaria so cheap”
Burkina AFRICA “why is burkina faso so poor”
Burundi AFRICA “why is burundi so poor”
Cambodia ASIA “why is cambodia so poor”
“why is cambodia so corrupt”
“why is cambodia so expensive”
Cameroon AFRICA “why is cameroon so poor”
Canada N. AMERICA “why is canada so nice”
“why is canada so great”
“why is canada so gay”
Cape Verde AFRICA “why is cape verde so expensive”
“why is cape verde so cheap”
“why is cape verde so poor”
Central African Republic AFRICA “why is central african republic so poor”
“central african republic soccer”
“central african republic soccerway”
Chad AFRICA “why is chad so crazy”
“why is chad so expensive”
“why is chad so angry”
Chile S. AMERICA “why is chile so narrow”
“why is chile so dry”
“why is chile soccer not in olympics”
China ASIA “why is china so polluted”
“why is china so good at diving”
“why is china so rich”
Colombia S. AMERICA “why is colombia so dangerous”
“why is colombia so corrupt”
“why is colombia so violent”
Comoros AFRICA “why is comoros so poor”
Congo AFRICA “why is congo so poor”
“why is congo so violent”
“why is congo so dangerous”
Congo, Democratic Republic of AFRICA “why is democratic republic of congo so poor”
“why is the democratic republic of congo so dangerous”
Costa Rica N. AMERICA “why is costa rica so expensive”
“why is costa rica so popular”
“why is costa rica so cheap”
Croatia EUROPE “why is croatia so popular”
“why is croatia so good at basketball”
“why is croatia so expensive”
Cuba N. AMERICA “why is cuba so bad”
“why is cuba so expensive”
“why is cuba so old”
Cyprus EUROPE “why is cyprus so hot”
“why is cyprus so british”
“why is cyprus so humid”
Czech Republic EUROPE “why is czech republic so atheist”
“why is czech republic so cheap”
“why is czech republic so poor”
Denmark EUROPE “why is denmark so rich”
“why is denmark so happy”
“why is denmark so safe”
Djibouti AFRICA “why is djibouti so hot”
“why is djibouti so poor”
“why is djibouti so expensive”
Dominica N. AMERICA “why is dominica so poor”
Dominican Republic N. AMERICA “why is dominican republic so poor”
“why is dominican republic so cheap”
“why is dominican republic so dangerous”
East Timor ASIA “why is east timor so poor”
Egypt AFRICA “why is egypt sometimes called the gift of the nile”
“why is egypt so dry”
“why is egypt so hot”
El Salvador N. AMERICA “why is el salvador so densely populated”
“why is el salvador so small”
“why is el salvador so densely settled”
Equatorial Guinea AFRICA “why is equatorial guinea so rich”
“why is equatorial guinea so poor”
“why is equatorial guinea gdp so high”
Eritrea AFRICA “why is eritrea so bad”
“why is eritrea so poor”
“why is eritrea so censored”
Estonia EUROPE “why is estonia so atheist”
“why is estonia so poor”
“why is estonia so rich”
Ethiopia AFRICA “why is ethiopia so poor”
“why is ethiopia so good at running”
“why is ethiopia so impoverished”
Fiji OCEANIA “why is fiji so good at rugby”
“why is fiji so good at sevens”
“why is fiji so expensive”
Finland EUROPE “why is finland so happy”
“why is finland so rich”
“why is finland so expensive”
France EUROPE “why is france so racist”
“why is france so secular”
“why is france so liberal”
Gambia AFRICA “why is gambia so poor”
“why is gambia so oddly shaped”
“why is gambia so cheap”
Georgia EUROPE “why is georgia so hot”
“why is georgia so racist”
“why is georgia so poor”
Germany EUROPE “why is germany so rich”
“why is germany so liberal”
“why is germany so clean”
Ghana AFRICA “why is ghana so poor”
“why is ghana so expensive”
“why is ghana so peaceful”
Greece EUROPE “why is greece so poor”
“why is greece so white”
“why is greece so beautiful”
Grenada N. AMERICA “why is grenada so expensive”
“why is grenada lake so low”
Guatemala N. AMERICA “why is guatemala so poor”
“why is guatemala so dangerous”
“why is guatemala so violent”
Guinea AFRICA “why is guinea so poor”
“why is equatorial guinea so rich”
“why is papua new guinea so dangerous”
Guinea-Bissau AFRICA “why is guinea bissau so poor”
Guyana S. AMERICA “why is guyana so poor”
“why is guyana so dirty”
“why is guyana currency so low”
Haiti N. AMERICA “why is haiti so poor”
“why is haiti so poor reddit”
“why is haiti so corrupt”
Honduras N. AMERICA “why is honduras so poor”
“why is honduras so dangerous”
“why is honduras so violent”
Hungary EUROPE “why is hungary so racist”
“why is hungary so good at the olympics”
“why is hungary so good at swimming”
Iceland EUROPE “why is iceland so safe”
“why is iceland so expensive”
“why is iceland so happy”
India ASIA “why is india so dirty”
“why is india so poor”
“why is india so populated”
Indonesia ASIA “why is indonesia so poor”
“why is indonesia so populated”
“why is indonesia so corrupt”
Iran ASIA “why is iran so hostile”
“why is iran so dangerous”
“why is iran so hot”
Iraq ASIA “why is iraq so hot”
“why is iraq so important”
“why is iraq so poor”
Ireland EUROPE “why is ireland so green”
“why is ireland so poor”
“why is ireland so rich”
Israel ASIA “why is israel so important”
“why is israel so important to god”
“why is israel so hated”
Italy EUROPE “why is italy so corrupt”
“why is italy so poor”
“why is italy so racist”
Ivory Coast AFRICA “why is ivory coast so called”
“why is ivory coast so poor”
“why is ivory coast japan so late”
Jamaica N. AMERICA “why is jamaica so fast”
“why is jamaica so homophobic”
“why is jamaica so popular”
Japan ASIA “why is japan so weird”
“why is japan so safe”
“why is japan so clean”
Jordan ASIA “why is jordan so gay”
“why is jordan so stupid”
“why is jordan so peaceful”
Kazakhstan ASIA “why is kazakhstan so big”
“why is kazakhstan so rich”
“why is kazakhstan so good at boxing”
Kenya AFRICA “why is kenya so poor”
“why is kenya so fast”
“why is kenya so good at distance running”
Korea, North ASIA “why is north korea so bad”
“why is north korea so poor”
Korea, South ASIA “why is south korea so rich”
Kuwait ASIA “why is kuwait so rich”
“why is kuwait so hot”
“why is kuwait so fat”
Laos ASIA “why is laos so poor”
“why is laos so expensive”
Latvia EUROPE “why is latvia so poor”
“why is latvia so expensive”
“why is latvian currency so strong”
Lebanon ASIA “why is lebanon so liberal”
“why is lebanon so important”
“why is lebanon so small”
Lesotho AFRICA “why is lesotho so poor”
“why is lesotho sometimes called switzerland”
“why is lesotho in south africa”
Liberia AFRICA “why is liberia so poor”
“why is liberia so messed up”
“why is liberia so dangerous”
Libya AFRICA “why is libya so hot”
“why is libya so dangerous”
“why is libya so important”
Liechtenstein EUROPE “why is liechtenstein so wealthy”
“why is liechtenstein so small”
Lithuania EUROPE “why is lithuania so small”
“why is lithuania so suicidal”
“why is lithuania so good at basketball”
Luxembourg EUROPE “why is luxembourg so rich”
“why is luxembourg so small”
“why is luxembourg so productive”
Macedonia EUROPE “why is macedonia so poor”
“why is macedonia so important”
Madagascar AFRICA “why is madagascar so poor”
“why is madagascar so unique”
“why is madagascar so important”
Malawi AFRICA “why is malawi so poor”
“why is malawi life expectancy so low”
Malaysia ASIA “why is malaysia so rich”
“why is malaysia so poor”
“why is malaysia so corrupt”
Maldives ASIA “why is maldives so expensive”
“why is maldives so densely populated”
“why is maldives so beautiful”
Mali AFRICA “why is mali so poor”
Malta EUROPE “why is malta so cheap”
“why is malta so densely populated”
“why is malta so english”
Mauritania AFRICA “why is mauritania so sparsely populated”
“why is mauritania so poor”
Mauritius AFRICA “why is mauritius so expensive”
Mexico N. AMERICA “why is mexico so poor”
“why is mexico so corrupt”
“why is mexico so bad”
Micronesia OCEANIA “why is micronesia so fat”
Moldova EUROPE “why is moldova so poor”
Monaco EUROPE “why is monaco so wealthy”
“why is monaco so small”
“why is monaco so densely populated”
Mongolia ASIA “why is mongolia so cold”
“why is mongolia so sparsely populated”
“why is mongolia so small”
Morocco AFRICA “why is morocco so popular”
“why is morocco so stable”
“why is morocco so cheap”
Mozambique AFRICA “why is mozambique so poor”
“why is mozambique so expensive”
“why is mozambique life expectancy so low”
Namibia AFRICA “why is namibia so dry”
“why is namibia so sparsely populated”
“why namibia is better than south africa”
Nauru OCEANIA “why is nauru so fat”
Nepal ASIA “why is nepal so poor”
“why is nepal so vulnerable to earthquakes”
“why is nepal so popular”
Netherlands EUROPE “why is netherlands so rich”
“why is netherlands so liberal”
“why is netherlands so tall”
New Zealand OCEANIA “why is new zealand so good at rugby”
“why is new zealand so beautiful”
“why is new zealand so cold”
Nicaragua N. AMERICA “why is nicaragua so poor”
“why is nicaragua so safe”
Niger AFRICA “why is niger so poor”
“why is niger so underdeveloped”
“why is niger so hard to kill”
Nigeria AFRICA “why is nigeria so poor”
“why is nigeria so rich”
“why is nigeria so corrupt”
Norway EUROPE “why is norway so rich”
“why is norway so happy”
“why is norway so expensive”
Oman ASIA “why is oman so rich”
“why is oman so expensive”
“why is oman so peaceful”
Pakistan ASIA “why is pakistan so poor”
“why is pakistan so dangerous”
“why is pakistan so hot”
Palau OCEANIA “why is palau so obese”
Panama N. AMERICA “why is panama so rich”
“why is panama so poor”
“why is panama so expensive”
Papua New Guinea OCEANIA “why is papua new guinea so poor”
“why is papua new guinea so dangerous”
“why is papua new guinea so expensive”
Paraguay S. AMERICA “why is paraguay so poor”
“why is paraguay so happy”
Peru S. AMERICA “why is peru so poor”
“why is peru so dry”
“why is peru so cold”
Philippines ASIA “why is philippines so poor”
“why is philippines so humid”
“why is philippines so hot”
Poland EUROPE “why is poland so catholic”
“why is poland so good civ 5”
“why is poland so poor”
Portugal EUROPE “why is portugal so poor”
“why is portugal so small”
“why is portugal so cheap”
Qatar ASIA “why is qatar so rich”
“why is qatar so hot”
“why is qatar so humid”
Romania EUROPE “why is romania so poor”
“why is romania so good at gymnastics”
“why is romania so religious”
Russian Federation ASIA “why is the russian federation so big”
Rwanda AFRICA “why is rwanda so clean”
“why is rwanda so poor”
“why is rwanda so densely populated”
Saint Kitts and Nevis N. AMERICA “saint kitts and nevis soccerway”
“saint kitts and nevis soccer team”
Saint Lucia N. AMERICA “why is st lucia so expensive”
“why is st lucia so popular”
“why is st lucia so poor”
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines N. AMERICA “saint vincent and the grenadines soccerway”
“saint vincent and the grenadines soccer”
“saint vincent and the grenadines souvenirs”
Samoa OCEANIA “why is samoa so fat”
“why is samoa so hot”
“why samoa so stupid”
San Marino EUROPE “why is san marino so expensive”
“why is san marino so bad”
“why is san marino so rich”
Sao Tome and Principe AFRICA “sao tome and principe soccer team”
“sao tome and principe soccerway”
“sao tome and principe sovereign wealth fund”
Saudi Arabia ASIA “why is saudi arabia so strict”
“why is saudi arabia so hot”
“why is saudi arabia so dry”
Senegal AFRICA “why is senegal so poor”
Serbia EUROPE “why is serbia so good at water polo”
“why is serbia so poor”
“why is serbia so good at sports”
Seychelles AFRICA “why is seychelles so rich”
“why is seychelles so expensive”
Sierra Leone AFRICA “why is sierra leone so poor”
“why is sierra leone so dangerous”
“why is sierra leone so underdeveloped”
Singapore ASIA “why is singapore so expensive”
“why is singapore so clean”
“why is singapore so rich”
Slovakia EUROPE “why is slovakia so poor”
“why is slovakia so rich”
“why is slovakia so”
Slovenia EUROPE “why is slovenia so small”
“why is slovenia so rich”
“why is slovenia so expensive”
Somalia AFRICA “why is somalia so poor”
“why is somalia so dangerous”
“why is somalia so dry”
South Africa AFRICA “why is south africa so rich”
“why is south africa so poor”
“why is south africa so white”
South Sudan AFRICA “why is south sudan so dangerous”
“why is south sudan so poor”
Spain EUROPE “why is spain so poor”
“why is spain so hot”
“why is spain so good at basketball”
Sri Lanka ASIA “why is sri lanka so expensive”
“why is sri lanka so poor”
“why is sri lanka so famous”
Sudan AFRICA “why is sudan so poor”
“why is sudan so dangerous”
“why is sudan so corrupt”
Suriname S. AMERICA “why is suriname so sparsely populated”
Swaziland AFRICA “why is swaziland so poor”
“why is swaziland in south africa”
“why is swaziland inside south africa”
Sweden EUROPE “why is sweden so great”
“why is sweden so rich”
“why is sweden so liberal”
Switzerland EUROPE “why is switzerland so wealthy”
“why is switzerland so neutral”
“why is switzerland so safe”
Syria ASIA “why is syria so important”
“why is syria so dangerous”
“why is syria so violent”
Tajikistan ASIA “why is tajikistan so poor”
Tanzania AFRICA “why is tanzania so poor”
“why is tanzania so expensive”
Thailand ASIA “why is thailand so poor”
“why is thailand so cheap”
“why is thailand so dangerous”
Togo AFRICA “why is togo so poor”
“why is togo so unhappy”
Tonga OCEANIA “why is tonga so fat”
“why is tonga so special”
“why is tonga so poor”
Trinidad and Tobago N. AMERICA “why is trinidad and tobago so hot”
“is trinidad and tobago south america”
“when is trinidad and tobago soca monarch 2015”
Tunisia AFRICA “why is tunisia so poor”
“why is tunisia so cheap”
“why is tunisia so cheap 2015”
Turkey ASIA “why is turkey so expensive”
“why is turkey so dangerous”
“why is turkey so important”
Turkmenistan ASIA “why is turkmenistan so poor”
Tuvalu OCEANIA “why is tuvalu so poor”
Uganda AFRICA “why is uganda so poor”
“why is uganda so homophobic”
“why is uganda in somalia”
Ukraine EUROPE “why is ukraine so poor”
“why is ukraine so corrupt”
“why is ukraine so cheap”
United Arab Emirates ASIA “why is united arab emirates so rich”
“united arab emirates soccerway”
“united arab emirates soccer”
United Kingdom EUROPE “why is united kingdom so rich”
“why is the united kingdom so powerful”
“is united kingdom socialist”
United States N. AMERICA “why is united states so good at olympics”
“why is united states so rich”
“why is united states so powerful”
Uruguay S. AMERICA “why is uruguay so white”
“why is uruguay so good at soccer”
“why is uruguay so liberal”
Vanuatu OCEANIA “why is vanuatu so expensive”
“why is vanuatu so poor”
“why is vanuatu so dangerous”
Vatican City EUROPE “why is vatican city so small”
“why is vatican city so rich”
“why is vatican city so densely populated”
Venezuela S. AMERICA “why is venezuela so bad”
“why is venezuela so poor”
“why is venezuela socialist”
Vietnam ASIA “why is vietnam so hot”
“why is vietnam so dirty”
“why is vietnam so cheap”
Yemen ASIA “why is yemen so poor”
“why is yemen so dangerous”
“why is yemen so important”
Zambia AFRICA “why is zambia so poor”
“why is zambia life expectancy so low”
Zimbabwe AFRICA “why is zimbabwe so poor”
“why is zimbabwe\u0027s economy so bad”
“why is zimbabwe inflation so high”



So I took the Google API (http://suggestqueries.google.com/complete/search?client=firefox&q=) and did some excel magic to quickly gather all the countries data. Then I threw the data into Tableau and made the map.

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