Google predictive text, “Why is {insert country} so…”

Aaron W. Rockwell – Staff Writer Saw this post the other day, and thought I should recreate it but with the world view. Essentially grabs the top three autocomplete texts from when someone writes in Google; for example, “Why is America so..” Most of the predictive text searches asked “why the country was so poor” […]

Forecasting is Hard (But Let’s Do It Anyway)*

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Warning: Satire below. At a recently convened panel event featuring industry experts, ASU/Thunderbird faculty members, and random people from the street, panelists were asked their opinions on future trends impacting global business. Every respondent was careful to note that projections into the future are notoriously inaccurate, and went on to […]

“It’s not you. It’s really me.”

By, Gloria Liu Recently I watched a video called ‘Google, I Quit!’ on LinkedIn. It is about a former Google employee Michael Peggs leaving what many call ‘the place to work for’. In the video, Michael gave us a tour of the fascinating Google work environment: – tasty food, video games, tunnel entries, and etc. He […]

Who are these Mini-CEOs? (Product Managers)

By, Krunal Barabde Why do we do MBA? Some of us want to change the career path, some want to become entrepreneurs, some to move in managerial roles, but one thing is common in all everybody of us were not happy with what we were doing earlier. If somebody looks deep inside he/she will realize […]

Empowerment Day : Strategy Session

By, Krunal Barabde Topic: SEO Strategy from Planning to Execution Location: Thunderbird School of Global Management Presenter: Mr David Shapiro A Friday afternoon on Thunderbird campus is normally lazy, but on 3rd October 2014, there was some buzz going around the campus, as most the students were crossing the entangled lanes of thunderbird campus to […]