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Graduate Level WhatsApp

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer

The first thing I learned at Thunderbird is how to mute your WhatsApp because there is an endless stream of conversations, and in the worst case scenario: “a thank-you stream.” Where someone does something mildly great and the group then thanks them sporadically for the next three hours.

Stepping up your game:

Did you know you can make words and phrases pop by using these simple syntax funyuns functions:

Surround the word with asterisks (*) to make it: *Bold*

Surround the word with underscores (_) to make it:  _Italic_

Surround the word with tildes (~) to make it: ~Strikethrough~

Keep everyone in the dark:

It the settings of WhatsApp, you can turn off whether other folks can see if you read their message:

Settings > Account > Privacy > Turn Off Read Receipts.

This is great for when you finally break the ice with that special T-Bird and you want them to pine for when and whether you’re reading their messages.

Courtesy: whatsapp.com
Courtesy: whatsapp.com

 Use WhatsApp from your laptop:

Simply go here, and scan the QR Code (Quick Response Code).

Now that you know know these tricks you can get your message across to all your friends on what’s appppp:

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