Snoozing the Nine: Time-Saving Tricks

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer

Obviously, we all wish to snooze just nine more minutes, so here are some time-saving ideas:

Old Lady Time-Saving Trick:

Use plastic days-of-the-week pill containers like your grandma: If you take more than a couple pills a day, this will save you time.

Shower Time and Shower Timers:

I would love for there to be a timer on the bathroom wall that gave you a James-Bond-esque countdown till shut off. This would make showering more intense and save lots of time.


The average American showers for 8.2 minutes. That means, you are spending 3000 minutes a year in the shower, which equals 2 days a year. If you could shorten your shower time, to 4.1 minutes, you would earn a WHOLE EXTRA DAY a year to do whatever you like. From writing this article, I decided to purchase one.

Floss in the shower: Not a time saver, but this will stop those little gunk bits from finding residence on your mirror, and gives you room to spit out your post-Fight-Club-night-haven’t-flossed-in-years inevitable gum blood.

Silverware and Clothes Concept: I have been razzed for this, but I think the most efficient way to organize silverware is to just throw them in the drawer instead of organizing them into their slots. This is a first in, first out concept that means the more used silverware will be at the top, and the less used will be at the bottom. Ultimately, you’ll save time by not having to organize. This works with clothes too: put the incoming clothes on the far right, and over time, the least worn clothes will gravitate to the left.

Speaking of laundry, stop the sorting of laundry, it takes so much extra time.

Time Coach Consultant:  I imagine this occupation exists, but I would love to have someone follow me around for a day with a timer to figure out what tasks and things that I do that are wasting time. So maybe the next time you are in the bathroom, imagine someone is in there with you, timing you.

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