Corruption: Is Haiti on the Path to a New Revolution?

By Billy Pierre, Staff Writer The events of May 1968 represent the most important social movement in the history of France during the twentieth  century. These events occurred at the end of the Thirty Glorious [Years] (Les Trente Glorieuses), which was the three-decade period following the Second World War during which France saw a rapid […]

Welcome to Thunderbird

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By Darcy Nelson, Staff Writer It’s morning but the heat of the summer sun rains down hard. There is no escaping it as my cheeks flush, my forehead beads with sweat, and my shirt sticks to me like paper mache because of this flashy new blue and black Thunderbird backpack. After passing by the small, […]

Spain’s Historical Reckoning

By Tanner Weigel, Staff Writer Flying west out of Madrid Barajas Airport a year ago, one object stood out clearly to me in the distance as our plane ascended: a massive granite cross. Perched in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range, this 500-foot (150-meter) cross sits atop a basilica hewn directly into the mountain face, […]

Leaving the Nest: Navigating Your First Semester as a T-bird

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief On your first day at Thunderbird, things can feel a little overwhelming; it takes time to get back into the school routine, perhaps after a years-long break, adjust to new classes on a variety of subjects, and get the lay of the land. The first few weeks are often so jam-packed […]

Why I Wrote My Obituary

By Chanel McFollins, Staff Writer A couple of years ago, with the uncanny amounts of unarmed shootings and the use of excessive force on Black bodies, I was asked to participate in the Black Obituary Project, which gained national coverage. The point was to give ourselves a voice because, in truth, we never know who […]

Summerim in Asia: Trends in China, Life in Singapore

By Bryce Bower, Editor in Chief This last summer I had the pleasure of exploring Shanghai and Singapore with a group of my fellow Thunderbird students. Under the tutelage of Professor Booth, we toured companies like Honeywell, Amazon, and GM/Buick. We met with dozens of Thunderbird Alumni working in Singapore and Shanghai, and learned about […]

Diet vs. Drugs

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By Tomiwa Adeyemo, Staff Writer I’ve recently spent a lot of time thinking about drugs. No, not those kinds of drugs, although they do cross my mind occasionally (don’t tell my conservative mom). I’m talking about pharmaceutical medications, particularly those as basic as over the counter drugs like Nexium, Advil, Claritin and so on. If […]