Spring Do’s and Don’ts – Fashion Edition

By Jae Won Song

By Jae Won Song

Alumni Staff Writer

“But as seasons start to change, my feelings my start to fade” – Khai Dreams 

As we exit the shivering times of winter, it is now time to change our outfits to adapt to the new season. It’s time to pull out those shorts, short sleeve t-shirts, and flannels because this is your all-in-one guide to dress fashionably/sustainably for Spring/Summer 2022.



Some colors are essential for this season. Some colors that are spring must-haves include neutral lighter colors like white, beige, gray, tan, white, olive, pink, yellow, and my favorite, light blue. With the right color combinations, you will be in perfect shape to outdo your friends’ wardrobes!


Some colors are not suitable for spring/entering summer, and those colors include darker colors such as black or dark navy, as they attract a large amount of UV (aka you sweat more). Spring is a time to look lively and fresh, which is why we emphasize brighter and more pastel colors!

Figure 1


Face Accessories: A mask *this picture was during peak covid times hehe*

Hand Accessory: clamp bracelet

Shirt: “I Saw That – God” T-shirt

Pants: Dickies 874 work pants 

Shoes: New Balance 550

Comments: Simple but very effective outfit. Always can’t go wrong with a white t-shirt with black pants.



It’s time for those lighter/more breathable clothing pieces that you have hidden away. The light blue denim jeans hit perfectly in the sunlight with a perfect pair of footwear + top. On top of that, may I suggest some accessories? Rings, bracelets, necklaces, or some nice fragrances? It may be too hot now to wear those sweatshirts. No–scratch that. It is now too hot to wear those sweatshirts. What I could most definitely recommend are your essential t-shirts, short sleeves, polos, button ups, and anything really light or comfortable. 


Take out the hoodies and crewnecks; it’s way too hot in AZ for those now. I wouldn’t personally recommend any clothing pieces that are heavier or thick, as the temperatures change. It’s time to put away the hand-woven thick scarves or suede/wool pieces and switch over to the lightweight cottons that allow for excess breathability and don’t trap heat/moisture to your skin. 

Figure 2


Accessories: 3 .925 rings + shoulder bag

Top: Terry crewneck – a little too warm for now, but it fit the weather at the time!

Pants: Thrifted Carhartt jeans

Shoes: New Balance 2002r

Comments: Another simple outfit that pairs perfectly with the arrival of spring. Although crewnecks may be too hot for Arizona, it is still viable in other states. 


When it comes to spring, you want lightweight shoes that are easy to wear with any outfit and lighter. After careful consideration, I have narrowed the list down to the best two sneakers for Spring/Summer 2022.

1. New Balance 550

With the reintroduction of vintage looks as a trend, we are brought back to the vaults of New Balance and given this gem. These have grown in popularity since Fall 2020 but have continued to gain fame from 2021 to 2022. A popular collab for this model includes Aime Leon Dore, which is famous for their garments and coffee shops, and which I would also recommend, as they provide a lot of essential-style clothing!

2. Nike Air Force 1

What can I say about this model? It can be worn during any season and is a certified timeless piece of footwear. Classic white Air Force 1’s can be worn with nearly anything, and they continue to be a staple in fashion. The good thing about Air Force 1’s is that there are countless colorways and collaborations that it shouldn’t be hard to find a pair that is your style. 

My Wardrobe for this Spring

Although I am not an expert on fashion by any means and am giving my opinions on my do’s and don’ts based on common knowledge for any fashion lover,  I believe that with simple changes to one’s wardrobe, your fashion sense can elevate substantially. As of now, I have been into streetwear as well as business clothing, with brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Dickies, Nike, Supreme, Stone Island, Carhartt, and Lacoste leading the pathway into my spring wardrobe. However, it is also important to realize that the beautiful fact about fashion is that everyone has their own taste, and with that, please go ahead and find your flavors! 🤝

Figure 3


Top: White T-shirt from Uniqlo

Pants: Dickies 874s

Shoes: Jordan 3’s 

Figure 4

More Flavors of the Air Force 1’s 🤌🏻🤌🏻

A collaboration with the late Virgil Abloh *a moment of silence for what he’s done to fashion in this past decade* 🕊

Figure 5

Fashion runs in my friend group 😮💨


Top: Stussy Rayon Button Up

Pants: Dickies 874 Work Pants

Shoes: Air Force 1’s University Blue

Time to think fashion forward, T-Birds! There’s that old saying that states, “If you look good, you feel good.” This quote has always spoken volumes to me. Fashion allows you to express yourself and is a major aspect of any first impression. 

If you have any questions regarding fashion, please reach out to me @jaewonsong on Instagram or Jsong79@asu.edu through email! 

Additionally, if you are sporting any spring outfits, then be sure to tag us @dastornewstbird on Instagram! 

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