A Das Tor Farewell: Lois Lawson

I joined Das Tor in October 2020, and I have never regretted it. Das Tor is more a family than a publication. We started off as a small and fragile team with our then editor, Lexa Monthierth, one amazing lady. There were so many initiatives that were put in place to get Das Tor back on its feet, and I can confidently say that it all paid off. When I think of Thunderbird, I think of a place with people from diverse backgrounds (yet so similar at heart), where you get to learn something new from every interaction. 

My advice to first-years is that listening is key; it’s one of the most important and greatest strengths one can have, especially for someone in a global school. Thunderbird taught me not to do what everyone is doing, but rather to listen to your environment and develop solutions and an attitude that brings out the best in you. Trust the process, follow your passion, own your choices, live in the present, and be happy. Everything will eventually work out; it always does. Remember to follow your intuition even if it freaks you out.

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