From the Archives – The Downward Spiral

By Jake Strickler, Co-Editor, and Amy C. who was here in 2000. Amy, if you see this and want me to print your full name, send me an email. As most of you know, the team here has spent the last couple of weeks hard at work going through the archives and putting together a […]

From the Archives – Portrait of a Balloon Race

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor  Thunderbird Archives is a treasure trove of photographs, paraphernalia, and documents steeped in Thunderbird lore. Among the archive’s many historical gems is a Himalayan mountain-size pile of old student newspapers, starting from 1948 with the American Institute for Foreign Trade’s newspaper, “The Thunderbird,” all the way up to 2011, when Das […]

From the Archives – Famous Buildings in Thunderbird

J.T. Tai building  The J.T. Tai building was originally known as the International Studies (IS) building. It was completed in 1991 as a faculty offices building for the International Studies Department.  In the early 2000s the building housed the Garvin Center for Cultures and Languages of Global Business and became popularly called the Garvin Center […]

From the Archives

By Shannon Walker On exhibit this month in the Thunderbird Archives is “Thunderbird Field #1: the Cadet’s Experience.” The aim of this collection of materials is to illustrate what daily life was like for cadets during their primary training here at Thunderbird field during World War II. On exhibit are articles, photographs, and written correspondence […]

From the Archives

By Shannon Walker Edward Juliber: the Man for the Moment The School faced its second Presidential transition in 1951 when Dr. Schurz decided to focus exclusively on his teaching responsibilities. In January of 1952 the administration appointed Mr. Edward B. Juliber as the School’s third President.  Prior to his appointment, he had worked extensively for […]