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Juliber1bBy Shannon Walker

Edward Juliber: the Man for the Moment

The School faced its second Presidential transition in 1951 when Dr. Schurz decided to focus exclusively on his teaching responsibilities. In January of 1952 the administration appointed Mr. Edward B. Juliber as the School’s third President.  Prior to his appointment, he had worked extensively for the U.S. Government and had spent some time doing business in Japan. As he recalled later, “The primary objective of my Presidency was fund-raising to keep the school open. It was a question of raising enough money to keep the school going or shut it down.” Mr. Juliber was successful and during his tenure the School was able to raise salaries for faculty and staff, as well as make much-needed repairs to buildings. However, after only 18 months in office, Mr. Juliber decided to leave AIFT to pursue a business opportunity in the valley. Even so, he maintained a 39-year relationship with the school, serving on the Board of Directors until 1990. He frequently returned to campus for commencement ceremonies and special events.

Upon his retirement from the Board in September of 1990, Dr. Juliber reflected, “I have enjoyed my tenure. I find pleasure in looking back on the years of association with the school, its faculty, administration and, not least of all, with members of the Board. It has been my good fortune to watch the school grow from its very humble, difficult beginning to an institution of stature in the international field of education. Rest assured that my retirement from the Board will not end the interest I have in the school and its welfare. My hope is that the future of AGSIM will be as productive as its past.”

And again, in only its 6th year of existence, the young school searched for stability as it confronted yet another Presidential dilemma…

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  1. It’s amazing how things change, and yet, they stay the same. The players and context may vary, but the situation? Not so much.

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