Cheers to The Pub

By Chanel McFollins, Staff Writer As I was talking about missing The Pub (our home pub on the Thunderbird Glendale campus in the tower), a first-year student asked “What was so special about that pub that is hard to find another? Was it the size?” That’s when it hit me: most of the incoming class […]

Pondering Your Future

By Hal Reid, Guest Alumni Writer (Class of 1971) In a short period of time, some of you will graduate and have to get a J-O-B. When attending graduations of my own, my five children, and family members, one phrase is always said: “You are the Future.” However, this is referring to the entire class, […]

A Month to Remember

By Chanel McFollins and Aireen Kinyanguli, Guest Writers  It was recently brought to our attention that some Thunderbird students were unaware of Black History Month. We wanted to address this not only because it is an American tradition, and we are at an international school where students may not know every tradition we practice, but because […]

From Thunderbirds to Sun Devils

Photo courtesy of Whitman College

By Anonymous, current student  Embrace modernity, remember history. My feelings on the move to downtown are feelings of alarm. The campus at Downtown will have many state of the art facilities, but I fear it will lack the authenticity of the Thunderbird campus. I don’t believe the administration did what they should have to advance […]

Death and New Life: What Survives the Move Downtown

By Chris Barton, Editor-in-Chief Thunderbird is moving downtown. Or rather, there will be a building with a Thunderbird logo on it downtown. The Thunderbird School of Global Management, as we have come to know and love it, will probably not be moving downtown. That Thunderbird will likely disappear and fade into history. Something else will […]

Viaggio nel Tempo in Italia: Time Traveling in Italy

Photo courtesy of Benvenuto Limos

By Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer For my entire life I have heard my parents reminisce on their first trip to Italy together. They were newlyweds, and my dad’s “Nonno” had asked them to accompany him on one of his annual trips to his hometown Chiavari, a small town by the Cinque Terre in the Liguria […]

“The Crown”: A Netflix Jewel

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-Editor No orgies. No beheadings. No battlefield brutality. But wait, stay with me. Don’t let that deter you from watching “The Crown,” the prestige monarch drama that defies expectations of royal biographical television and greatly surpasses them. By adding cinematic quality (and $120 million in production) to a difficult and complicated time […]

A Little Bit of Thunderbird Campus History

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor Thunderbird really is a historic institution. Obviously in the grand scheme of things 71 years isn’t all that old, but we aren’t comparing this place to the Sistine Chapel. Age is relative. We are comparing it to the In ‘N’ Out Burger on Bell Road; to pretty much every building that […]

AZ Confidential: The Physicality of History

By Jake Strickler, Co-Editor As one leg of my long, strange trip that has brought me to Thunderbird, I did my undergraduate work at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I got out of there with a B.A. in Film History and Theory, and a B.S. in Media Studies from the School of Journalism. While […]

The Bard: A Fabulous Entrepreneur Who Died 400 Years Ago

By Jorge Céspedes, Guest Writer People naturally think of Shakespeare as an artist and a playwright, but he was also a pretty good business man. In 1599 he built the largest open air amphitheater in London: The Globe Theater. He knew his market, he knew how to cater to that market, he made true real […]