The Inevitable Mishaps of Traveling, Part 2

By Amanda Cardini, Staff Writer Last week I wrote about an experience I had when traveling in Italy in which I missed my train stop, got stuck in an elevator, missed a second train and ultimately arrived at my destination hours later than planned. I reached out to other T-birds to see if they had […]

The Thrills of Bio-fuel Plant Commissioning!

By Makarand Gawade, Staff Writer I would like to share with you one of my most memorable and challenging professional experiences during commissioning of a fuel ethanol plant in Cali, Colombia. What makes this experience unique is the fact that it was Colombia’s first step towards biofuels, Colombia’s president was scheduled to inaugurate the plant, […]

Student Spotlight: Giacomo Paccione

This week, we asked one of our first trimester MBA students, Giacomo Paccione, to share a little about himself and what he carries in his Thunderbird backpack. What is your home country? The North Pole… that is what I answered in my Facebook profile… honestly, I have several homes. I call home Italy and Colombia. […]

My Thunderbird Moment: Greg Osborne

By Greg Osborne, MBA ’12 How about this for spontaneity? Twelve hours after discovering the disappointing news regarding the Cuba TEM Lab’s cancellation for political purposes, it was vital to find a quality alternative. Much of the night was spent pondering over alternatives. Since I did not have to return until the start of classes […]