Confessions of a Best Friend

By Mackenzie Pedersen, Staff Writer Best Friend: ‘One’s Closest and Dearest Friend.’ It seems like so long ago that my best friend and I met. Ironically, we met because of a boyfriend. She and her, now, husband had started working with my boyfriend at the time, and the three of them had started to bond. […]

Memories of our Campus

By Chris Barton, Editor-in-Chief With the decision to move downtown weighing on everyone’s mind, this seems like a good moment to remember what our historic campus once was. From the Thunderbird School of Global Management Collection at the Arizona Memory Project comes some samplings of our early visual history. Click on the link above to […]

Five Playlists for Thunderbird Moments

By DJ Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer It’s often said that if art is the way we decorate space, then music is the way we decorate time. The music we listen to and love takes ordinary and extraordinary moments and transforms them into powerful snapshots of our lives. Years or even decades down the line, listening […]