Five Playlists for Thunderbird Moments

By DJ Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer

It’s often said that if art is the way we decorate space, then music is the way we decorate time. The music we listen to and love takes ordinary and extraordinary moments and transforms them into powerful snapshots of our lives. Years or even decades down the line, listening to the right song can stir up long-forgotten parts of you and take you back in time.

Thunderbird is, without a doubt, a place where memories are made—so all that’s missing is a good soundtrack. Here are five short playlists for some familiar Thunderbird experiences!

Love and Anti-Love

Maybe you’re riding the wave of bubbly emotions as you venture into a new ThunderRomance, or maybe you’re crashing and seeking solace at the bottom of a pint (whether it’s beer or Ben and Jerrys makes no difference) after one ends. Either way, this mix of love and “love sucks” songs is perfect for those times when you want to sing your heart out!

Getting Pumped for Pub Night

Another busy week of classes and responsibility has come and gone, and now it’s everyone’s favorite time of the week: Thursday night! Unwind, pregame and get in the Party Mindset with your friends, or chill out on the fish with some more summery tunes and the sort of rock and roll you might hear from inside the Jam Room.

Studying for Finals

When the weekly celebrations end, the fog clears, and the headache subsides, the reality sinks back in—it’s mid-November, and finals are rapidly approaching. Between all of the group presentations, simulated negotiations, and reading frustrations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This playlist is designed to help you stay on task and make it through the dreaded Finals! A mix of classical and both mellow and upbeat EDM will help you focus and get in the zone, and a few motivational favorites will remind you that nothing can stop you!

Preparing for Graduation

So, you did it. Two or three or four semesters later, you’ve survived your final, well, final. You’ve done all you needed to do from an academic standpoint, and now all that’s left is to cross that stage and take the paper that proves, forever, that you’re a Thunderbird alum. You’re about to graduate, and now is the time for music. Tearfully congratulate yourself and the dear friends you’ve made, and then get ready to take on the world. Classic heartfelt graduation staples mix with power tunes, so you can bask in the triumph and glory of making it through. Congratulations! You did it!

Spreading Your Wings

Whether you’re graduating or just taking off during the break, there’s nothing more Thunderbird than traveling the world. This mix will hype you up for adventure—songs about exploring the world and changing it for the better provide the ideal backdrop for actually doing so! Plus, relive a piece of your childhood with a modern version of Wakko Warner’s Nations of the World, see how many countries you can name—and maybe get some ideas for where you want to go next!

Of course, these five playlists barely scratch the surface of the ways you can choose to decorate your time here at Thunderbird. Whatever music makes you move and groove, what matters is that you’re making memories that will last you a lifetime!

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