Mental Health, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll: Substance Abuse in The Music Industry

Courtesy of Digital Music News

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief Early deaths among prominent musicians are nothing new; the very foundation of the music scene is peppered with drug use, overdoses and suicides. In recent years, mental health has come to be a much less taboo topic, one more acceptable for open discussion. With a heightened public awareness of mental illness, […]

An Important Discussion to Have: Suicide Prevention and Awareness

By Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer Content warning: This article focuses on the topics of suicide and depression. Please exercise self-care and discretion if you feel that reading may cause you undue distress.   With the start of October, National Suicide Prevention Awareness month has drawn to a close. However, suicides don’t only happen in September—people […]

Shape Up for Spring with Some Self-Love!

By Lara Cornelius, Staff Writer As graduate students, and as individuals in general, we all struggle to learn the balance between work and play. The flow of our daily routine between studying for classes, working, and taking care of our mental, physical, and spiritual health isn’t always the easiest to keep rhythmic.  At some point […]