Missing Money and Lunar Lunacy

On Dec. 9, 2017, Forbes magazine released a report of some missing money. However, this information was not covered by any main stream media or picked up by anything like Buzzfeed or Facebook. This missing money was not some small time bank theft, but rather 21 trillion dollars unaccounted for by the US Government. As […]

Faculty Column: Does anyone know how to pick stocks?

By Professor Lena Booth As a finance professor, students and friends often ask me if I have any stock tips. My typical response is “If I do, I would be out there making big bucks, sipping Margaritas on the beach, and not work another day”.  Well, without illegally using privileged insider information, does anyone really […]

Das Tor’s Weekly Caption Contest!

Congratulations to Nathan Stickney ’14.  You are the winner of a major award (aka a gift card valued at $15!) This week’s photo contest will be posted on our Facebook page on Tuesday at 2pm.   Captions should be posted on Facebook no later than midnight on Friday for a chance to win your $15 gift […]


I should have known before I got here.  Flights booked to travel with Thunderbird down to Argentina.  A stopover built in to visit Lima and Cusco right before Foundations.  Then I get an e-mail with different dates than what were told to me, four days earlier.  A few hundred dollars in flight change fees and […]

Special Event: Rethinking Money: A Thunderbird Currency?

By Katy Spada When: March 27, 5:00 -7:00pm Where: Yount 100 and webcast: http://www.thunderbird.edu/wwwfiles/sites/webcasts/guestspeaker.html Did you know? “Our current monetary system was designed some 300 years ago, during an era that knew nothing of natural limits and had a completely different set of objectives and priorities. It’s a tool that should be serving us, rather than […]

Financial Aid Exit Interview

By Brenda Wright & Dario Ford Graduation is getting closer and even though you are busy with this last trimester it is essential that you remind yourself of your rights and responsibilities regarding your Federal Loans you have borrowed. Federal Regulations require all students who received Federal Loans to complete an Exit Interview.  We require […]