Navigating Negotiations

By Janhavi Hunnur, Staff Writer Negotiations have a history of getting the better of us. Few people get excited about them while an even great number get nervous and avoid them like plague. Listening is vital to the whole process. Since a lot of negotiations happen in the eleventh hour there is a full-fledged set […]

Denis Leclerc on the Prisoner’s Dilemma

By: Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Today I spoke with Dr. Denis Leclerc. Topmost on my mind was an exercise from his class in which the class collectively bargains on final-exam scores. Some explanation is in order: each student votes “compete” or “cooperate”; choose the former and 25 points more than anyone who chooses the latter; choose […]

Negotiations, Trust, and Hostages

By Christine Moore & Deepali Ramaiah Last weekend, Thunderbird played host to the guests from around the world for the inaugural Global Summit on Negotiations & Trust. The event was well attended by professionals, students, and T-birds who learned how to sharpen their negotiation skills by building trust within the negotiation process. The summit, meant to place emphasis on […]

Negotiate Your Way – Global Summit on Negotiation

The Global Summit on Negotiation & Trust is meant for those seeking to sharpen their negotiation and trust-building skills at every level, from the top executive, trying to develop a high trust corporate culture to the everyday Joe endeavoring to improve family relationships. T-bird students wishing to attend the event can take advantage of a discount offer […]

Update 9/20/13

Hello wonderful Thunderbird students, I hope you’ve had a good week. It’s great to feel the energy on campus! A quick note of encouragement to our new students – Thunderbird’s coursework is rigorous and our faculty have high expectations. Your first trimester is particularly challenging. As a new student at the best international graduate business […]